BGP Quiz Border Gateway Protocol Questions and Answers

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Border Gateway Protocol  Quiz

Border Gateway Protocol plays a key role in the overall operation of the Internet, you can take the Border Gateway Protocol quiz and test your knowledge about it.



BGP Quiz

Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) use the hop-count for shortest path, but hop-count in BGP’s case is a ________
BGP’s metric consist of ___ values.
If the BGP-router was unable to establish a successful TCP session, then it ends up in the ____.
Type of BGP\'s messages include:
Some of well known BGP metric's attributes are ____.
“BGP table” contain the list of all ____ whereas routing table has the best path.
An iBGP normally running within a _______.
BGP runs on the top of TCP port number _____.
BGP “Open” packets (state) _____ the session, same like the hellos in link-state.
You can define a BGP neighbor in Cisco with following command:
BGP supports the auto-summary you can disable it by command ________.
You can implement the following type of BGP for your network design: (choose three)
BGP is the protocol of internet and it is ___ protocol.
BGP is technically a distance vector protocol, mostly we call it __________
BGP supports redistribution of other AS-routes.

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