Computer Networking Quiz Questions and Answers

networking quiz

You can test your basic Computer  Networking knowledge and skills with Quiz.  At the end of the Quiz, your total score will be displayed.


Computer Networking Quiz

* By ________ you can divide you network into different sub-network which provide you security and easy management of IP addresses.
OSI network model has the ________ layers.
* STP (Spanning tree protocol) is a switching protocol that prevents _____ in switching network.
* DNS reverse zone resolve ________ into a device name.
* VTP distribute the ________ information in switching network.
* Routers communicate with each other and forward the packets base on _________
* Choose the correct private IP address ranges:
* ____________is number of device which can send/receive data at the same time.
* Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA Server) is used for
Ping is a computer network tool used to test whether a particular host is __________ is an example of ____________ IP address.
* ARP stands for address resolution protocol, and provides the IP address against a___________
* Default gateway is used for handling the request for route which is not present in _______
* UDP is ______ communication; you can send the data without creating the connection.

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