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OSPF Interview Questions and Answers

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is a one of the famous routing protocol, it is a very vast topic and this quiz is covering the most important questions related to OSPF, that may be ask from you in networking interview. You can re-take the quiz for randomly selected new questions.



In OSPF NBMA (non-broadcast multiple-access) network which are three modes for OSPF which are define by Cisco.
In OSPF hello packets contain which of the following informations:
In OSPF Routers are “fully adjacent” then this state is known as _________.
OSPF ____ block the external area route, block type-5 LSA for some area.
An _____ maintains separate link state databases for each area and also perform the summarization for connected areas in the network.
You can enable the OSPF on Cisco router by which of following two commands.
OSPF is ____________ Protocol.
DR router sends the multicast updates on _______, while the other routers send the information back to DR on
Redistribution into an NSSA area creates a special type of LSA known as ______ which can exist only in an NSSA area.
A stub area is an area which does not receive route advertisements external to the autonomous system (AS) and blocks the _______.
OSPF router is in ____ State if Hello received, but not with this RID
The backbone area also known as _____,
The updates for IPv6 are specified as OSPF Version ____.
Two routers connected with each other become neighbors if they have the same ______
All OSPF areas must connect to the backbone area. If an area is not directly connected to area-0, you can connect it through a _________.

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You can re-take the quiz for randomly selected new questions. OSPF Quiz

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