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OSPF Interview Questions and Answers

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) is a one of the famous routing protocol, it is a very vast topic and this quiz is covering the most important questions related to OSPF, that may be ask from you in networking interview. You can re-take the quiz for randomly selected new questions.



The backbone area also known as _____,
OSPF use the LSA (link state advertisement) for building the topology table and database. There are total ________ types of LSA.
The updates for IPv6 are specified as OSPF Version ____.
A stub area is an area which does not receive route advertisements external to the autonomous system (AS) and blocks the _______.
You can enable the OSPF on Cisco router by which of following two commands.
LSA type-3 is a summary LSA generated by ____.
In OSPF Routers are “fully adjacent” then this state is known as _________.
In OSPF NBMA (non-broadcast multiple-access) network which are two official modes for OSPF.
A _____ is a router that becomes the designated router (DR) if the current DR has a problem or fails.
In OSPF hello packets contain which of the following informations:
There are three tables in OSPF, choose the correct options:
LSA type-5 is generated by ____ for injecting the external routes to backbone area.
An ___________ is a router that is connected to more than one Routing protocol and exchanges routing information with routers in other routing protocols.
OSPF ____ block the external area route, block type-5 LSA for some area.
An _____ maintains separate link state databases for each area and also perform the summarization for connected areas in the network.

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You can re-take the quiz for randomly selected new questions. OSPF Quiz

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Learn How to configure OSPF in packet tracer.

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