RIP-Routing Information Protocol Quiz Questions/answers

RIP quiz

The Routing Information Protocol (RIP) is one of the famous and oldest routing protocols, you can test your RIP knowledge by taking following Quiz. At the end of quiz you will find correct answers:


RIP-Routing Information Protocol Quiz/Test

RIP decides the best path (routing metric) base on _______.
The Maximum Hop count for RIP is _____.
RIP is a ____________ protocol.
RIPng (RIP next generation) is an advance version of RIPv2 and have support for ______
RIP end the routing updates to adjacent routers after every _______ seconds.
You can enable RIP on Cisco router by following command:
RIP version 2 has the following new features:
There are different timers that are used in RIP, choose the three correct from following:
RIP defines two types of messages:
RIPv2 send the entire routing table to all connected routers at the multicast address _______.

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