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Test your knowledge related network switches and switching protocols (VTP, STP, CDP, VLAN), you can retake this quiz for new questions. After the end of quiz you can review correct answers.




Switching Quiz

_____ is used for network discovery.
________ is a loop avoidance protocol.
_______ is the default mode of switch in VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP)
Default priority of Cisco switches is ______.
Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) provides which of following information about connected neighbor.
_____________ command will show directly connected neighbors,
What are the correct modes of VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP):
VTP switches in _____ mode do not participate in VTP.
If you configure a password for VTP, you need to configure the password on all switches in that VTP domain.
In Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) the bridge ID in combination of priority and ________.
Designated port is a ____ port for every LAN segment.
RSTP adds new bridge port roles in order to speed convergence following a link failure.
MSTP (Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol) configures a separate Spanning Tree for each ____ group and blocks all but one of the possible alternate paths within each Spanning Tree.
If switches A (MAC=0200.0000.3333) and B (MAC=0200.0000.4444) both have a priority of 32768 then switch ____will be selected as the root bridge.
Any active port that is not a root-port or a designated-port is a blocked-port.

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