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Fastest Ethernet Cable | High Speed Ethernet cable | How to choose ethernet cable

What is the Fastest Ethernet Cable For Your LAN: This article is about the review of connection speed of different Ethernet cables like fiber optics, coaxial or Twisted-pair. Although every Ethernet cables are suitable for different network scenarios, for example for internal LAN normally we use the Twisted-pair or coaxial cable. Similarly for connecting two branch […]


Ethernet cable types |Networking Cable Types | Categories of twisted-pair cable

Ethernet Cabling Categories Ethernet is a technologies that provides layer-2 (data-link layer) and layer-2 (physical) specifications for controlling access to a shared network medium. It has emerged as the dominant technology used in LAN networking.  Different type of Ethernet Cables: Following are the different types of Ethernet Cable which are used for networking: Coaxial Ethernet […]


What is Ethernet? Ethernet standards | Advantages of Ethernet

What is Ethernet? Ethernet technology is used to connect multiple devices, such as computers and printers. It allows all the machines connected to share resources, send and receive files, and access to the same Internet connection. When you connect the various computers at home or in the office together in a network to share an Internet connection […]


What is Local Area Network | features and characteristics | functions of LAN

Local Area Network

What is LAN? Local Area Network is localize Computer network use for communication between host systems, In LAN each device shared the same IP address scheme. For example if we are using a network then all the IP devices computer, printers, IP phones etc have the IP from same network-range. LAN (Local Area Network […]