Voice control commands to dictate text into iOS (Iphone, Ipad)and Mac OS X

A voice command device is a device controlled by means of the human voice. By removing the need to use buttons, dials and switches, people can easily operate appliances with their hands full or while doing other tasks.

IOS is an operating system from Apple and all its iOS devices including iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5, the iPad (3rd and 4th generations), the iPad Mini, and the iPod Touch all come with a newer & modern voice control software known as Siri. Now a days all iOS devices have voice recognition feature that allows a user to issue voice commands, and using these voice commands you performed different tasks like:

  • send a text message
  • send an email
  • find a contact
  • set an alarm
  • set a timer
  • check the weather
  • set a reminder
  • schedule meetings

You can learn “speech to text on iphone” and “how to enable voice commands on android” from these links, following are some common voice commands for iOS

iphone voice control commands which are helpful in messaging:

We have a number of additional voice commands to control your device.

Action Voice Command Output
 Quotes  Open quotes Closes quotes  “”
 Question marks Closes question mark  ?
 write exclamation   exclamation   !
 Emoticons  Happy FaceSad face winking face    🙂



 starts a new line  New line 
 adds a full stop  Full stop  .
 Square brackets   open bracketclose bracket  []
  semicolon  ;
 print different signs plus sign equals sign


multiplication sign

greater than less than

copyright sign

registered sign

a trademark sign







type the following word in upper or lower case 
 All uppercase / lowercase all
capitalizes the first letter of each and every one of the words dictate  Capitalized Enable / disable capitalized

Speak to write text | How to activate dictation in iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

Create text message with voice control on iOS:

In all iOS devices like iPhone 4S and the iPod touch 5th generation onwards have a system that allows you to dictate text during messaging instead of using keypad and it works quite well.

In this article I will show you that how you can text with speaking or your voice commands.

Dictate is quite easy if it works well. It’s like having an assistant who typed everything we say. It is very easy to get used to it. Moreover you can also use this feature anywhere you need to type sometime.

Type message by voice on iOS:

To dictate, in iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod) must activate Siri(Settings> General> Siri) and then open any application where you enter text. When the keyboard is open, on left side of the space key, there is a microphone that we can use to dictate the text (press that microphone and start writing your message). Everything you speak in front of your iOS device it will write it automatically.

iphone 5 keypad

It is important to note that the system will perform the voice input language is the key asset in case you have more than one. You can choose another language by pressing the “globe” link to your left and you can add more keyboard languages ​​in Settings> General> Regional Settings> Keyboard).Therefore, if you know, you can dictate in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, etc …

You can learn more voice commands on iphone which are helpful for creating messages.