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Layer 3 Switching vs Routing | End the Confusion! L3 vs Router

wireless AP controller

What is difference between layer-3 Switching and Routing? To understand the difference between L3 Switching and routing, it is better to understand basic definition of switch and router. Remember the following in case of switch and router: Switch is considered as Layer-2 device that performs circuit switch or forwarding decisions based on layer 2 table […]


Fastest Ethernet Cable | High Speed Ethernet cable | How to choose ethernet cable

What is the Fastest Ethernet Cable For Your LAN: This article is about the review of connection speed of different Ethernet cables like fiber optics, coaxial or Twisted-pair. Although every Ethernet cables are suitable for different network scenarios, for example for internal LAN normally we use the Twisted-pair or coaxial cable. Similarly for connecting two branch […]


Switching Quiz Questions and Answers

Online Switching Test: Test your knowledge related network switches and switching protocols (VTP, STP, CDP, VLAN), you can retake this quiz for new questions. After the end of quiz you can review correct answers.     You can retake this quiz for new questions. Also you can try other Quizes: OSPF Quiz, IPv6 Quiz, RIP Quiz, EIGRP Quiz, Networking Quiz […]


How to Design Switch Network or Designing LAN | CCDA

LAN design or Switch network

How to design LAN: LAN design or switching design are very important part of any Network and its play a very significant role in performance of network specially access-network. Technology is changing rapidly and specially layer-2 technology. This article is related to designing a switch network in best possible way and the things that you should […]