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What does a wifi booster do | Top wifi-extender

WiFi Booster

What does a wifi booster do | Top wifi-extender A WiFi Repeater is used for increasing the strength of your wifi router for longer area.  A repeater contains two wifi or wireless-routers. One of these wireless router picks-up the current WiFi network and then transfers the signal to the other wireless router, which transmits the boosted signal. A wifi booster provide you […]


CCDA Certification and training tutorials | Cisco Certified Design Associate


What is CCDA? Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA) certification is about designing the Cisco network in most efficient way. CCDA course is for validating all fundaments related to network designing, its cover void Variety of route and switch design and covers LAN, WAN, broadband, campus, data-center and wireless network design.Cisco recommends before you attempt the […]


Cisco Unified Wireless network | Cisco Wireless Design

Cisco LWAPP Design

Cisco Unified Wireless network is methodology for designing the wireless network and it have the following components: Wireless Clients Access points Network management Network Unification Network Services Wireless Clients: Wireless Clients includes the laptops, PC, Mobiles Phone, PDAs and IP phones. These all end devices are the part of access network. Access points: AP provides the […]


Wireless LAN Standards | 802.11a vs 802.11b vs 802.11g

The main standard for wireless LAN is the 802.11. WLAN applications include inside-building access, LAN extension, outside building-to building communications, public access, and small office/home office communications. Some of the famous standards that are used in wireless communication are: 802.11 Wireless Standard: 802.11 is for wireless local area network standard and the original 802.11 standard […]