Backup of Lightweight Directory Services with NTDSutil and dsdbutil

Taking Active Directory manual backup using NTDSutil and DSDButil is straightforward. First we will see how to take backup of Active directory using NTDSutil. Backup of Active Directory using NTDSutil: We will find out how to take backup of active directory database and logs, before taking backup using NTDSutil first you need to stop the … Read more

AD LDS installation of Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services:

Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) role is a full-featured and easy-to-install deployment directory service. What is the AD LDS instance: AD LDS instance is a single running copy of AD LDS. Each AD LDS instance has a separate directory, create an instance assigned a unique name and a unique service … Read more

Active Directory’s Introduction and Its Features n Advantages

Active Directory Definition | What is AD or Domain Active Directory also commonly known as AD domain is a directory service for server operating systems, which is like a network database storage has resources-related information, including the location of resources, management information. These resources include users, groups, and computer etc. Action Directory is Microsoft marketing … Read more