Configure Automatic Key Archiving in Certificate services| key recovery agent

CA is used for issuing the certificates base on certificate templates. Certificate template defines what is in a certificate, what type of encryption is used, what is key length, what type of technology (MD5, SHA etc) is used. When you are using certificate services then it is important to configure the key recovery agent so … Read more

Installing Active Directory Certificate services Role

I am using a simple environment for installing active directory Certificate authority role on windows server 2008 R2, this server has not other role installed on it and member of active directory, also have the OS windows server 2008 enterprise edition.  You start the installation of AD certificate services by opening the server manager … Read more

Active Directory Certificate Services | PKI Hierarchy

What is certificate? Normally we use certificate for security but remember that this will not provide a guarantee, because these are many other factor in security chain. Certificate usage why we need certificates?  1. One of thing that you need certificates is for signatures, for example you are writing code for your software you can … Read more

DNS Zone Types | Forward, Reverse Lookup, Conditional Forwarders

These are three types of zones in active directory 2008, which are forward lookup zones, reverse lookup zone and conditional forwarders. Forward Lookup Zones:   The most common zone of DNS is forward lookup zone.  In windows server 2008 you can divide your zone into three regions that are primary, secondary and stub. Primary Zone: … Read more

DNS in Active Directory and DNS Query Process

DNS stand for domain name services, and basic function of DNS is to resolve the IP address into computer name and vice versa. Suppose you have an organization where you have different servers and clients, in such environment it is difficult to remember the IPs of these systems. By using the DNS server we can … Read more