What is Ethernet? Ethernet standards | Advantages of Ethernet

What is Ethernet? Ethernet technology is used to connect multiple devices, such as computers and printers. It allows all the machines connected to share resources, send and receive files, and access to the same Internet connection. When you connect the various computers at home or in the office together in a network to share an Internet connection … Read more

What is VoIP Softswitch?

Softswitch is central hub for a voice network, a softswitch is a software based a telephone switch, which has been used to interconnect telephone circuits landline. In a network Voice over IP (VoIP), softswitches are centralized devices simply work with the help of a processing machine such as a computer. The concept of a VoIP softswitch is … Read more

How to boost WIFI signal of wireless home router?

How to boost WIFI signal of wireless home router? Today, almost everyone has access to wireless Internet or Wi-Fi, even in our homes. When you are on the Internet or trying to connect, though, you might notice that your WiFi signal is not as strong as it could be. So this article is about boosting WIFI signal … Read more

How to secure your wireless home network

Tip: Best option for securing wireless network is to apply MAC filtering  How to block hackers on wireless home network: Wireless networks are the best option for home network because of its ease of installation and relatively low cost. While a wireless network allows sharing of resources and Internet connectivity easy, it also introduces a number … Read more

What is computer Worm? Virus vs Worm

Worm vs Virus Computer worm is a harmful program that differs from viruses by several points. First, the worm is a standalone program that can be found on the hard drive , unlike viruses that lurk like parasites in files or in the executable code in the boot sector of the disk. A worm can arrive directly by the network by taking … Read more