Local Area Network Quiz / LAN Topology test

Local Area Network Quiz | LAN MCQs: This Quiz is About LAN, you are asked for some local area network concepts: [wpsqt name=”Local Area Network Quiz” type=”quiz”] LAN Quiz Q1: A LAN is a computer network that connects computers within a ____________ (choose two) limited area Building Country across different Cities Answer: Q2: A device … Read more

ICND2 Practice Test, 200-101Question and answer

Online CCNA¬†Practice Quiz: This online quiz is related to CCNA and ICND2 concepts. You can test your ICND2 skills before taking the real Exam and after the Quiz you can review your answers: [wpsqt name=”icnd2 practice test” type=”quiz”] ICND2/CCNA Questions & answers   Q1: _______ enable OSPF on cisco router and using ___________ you can … Read more