Difference between windows 7 professional vs ultimate

What is the difference between  windows 7 ultimate and windows 7 professional Main differences are in following features: Bitlocker language setting You CAN install one Language on Professional that is different from the original Language –but then you are stuck with it – you can’t switch back to the original. If you need to SWITCH languages then Ultimate is required.   … Read more

How to Show hidden files and folders on windows 7

How to display operating system hidden files in Windows 7? This article is about how to show the hidden files and folders on windows 7.  Most users know by eliminating “hidden files and folders” function to display those files with hidden attributes. Also, many of the hidden files are having a system property, or if you … Read more

Free Windows 7 virtual desktop management tools list | WindowsPager

How to create Multiple Desktop on Windows operating systems: There are many virtual desktop management tools are available on the Linux platform. However, it is strange that Microsoft did not launch this kind of tool for their Windows systems. For IT professionals, since at the same time using a variety of different applications are so common, so … Read more