DTE and DCE Data Terminal Equipment vs data communications equipment

DTE and DCE are the devices/technology which are used to connect the two end of a network or two network device with serial link. What is DTE? DTE “Data Terminal Equipment ( DTE ), “the acronym, with some data processing and data transmission capability of the device. DTE is used to provide or receive data, normally … Read more

Difference between Modular Router Vs Non-modular router

What is Non-modular router? Non-modular router are low-end router and have fixed interfaces/Cards, we cannot able to add ports/interfaces latter on. This class of routers used to connect a home or small business ISP users. Non-modular router not only provides SLIP or PPP connection, also supports other protocols such as virtual private network protocols PPTP and IPSec, etc. … Read more

What is Backbone Network?

Backbone Network definition: Backbone (Backbone Network) is used to connect a plurality of regions or areas with high-speed network. Different network providers have their own backbone network to connect their which are located in different areas. Backbone is usually used to describe the large-scale network structure. Backbone is generally can be a WAN. With modern telecommunications, … Read more

POSIX Portable Operating System Interface

What is POSIX? POSIX stand for Portable Operating System Interface , POSIX standard defines the interface standard operating system should provide for the application, is IEEE is to run on a variety of UNIX operating system software defined general term for a range of API standard, its official name is IEEE 1003, while the international standard name … Read more