MikroTik ROS how to reset router to factory default configuration

how to restore factory setting of Mikrotik Router: Resetting a Mikrotik router is almost similar to other routers. You simply need to press the reset button with pin or with some niddle. Following are some easy steps for resetting a Mikrotik router. 1. Use a ballpoint pen to gently press and hold the res key, do … Read more

My Computer Icon is missing from desktop on windows 8

How to show “my computer” on windows 8 desktop: When you installed the windows 8 on your desktop, you may notice that “my computer” and other icons like “Network”, “Recycle Bin” are missing from desktop. Although you can access computer from start menu Icon but it good and quicker if you have this on your … Read more

what is Mobile VPN and its Advantages

What are Mobile VPN ? Mobile Virtual Private Network (MVPN) provides mobile subscribers with private network services similar to great amount of expenditure if a company largely uses mobile phones. If a MVPN is established not only the mobile phones will be efficiently use but the call charges will also be controlled. Thus, it is a … Read more