EIGRP Stub Routing Concepts, features and leak-map

EIGRP Stub Routing Network Diagram

EIGRP Stub Routing This article is about EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol) Stub Routing feature, in start you find basic concepts of EIGRP stub routing and then EIGRP stub leak-map later in article. Learn when EIGRP is suitable for your network. EIGRP Stub-routing is commonly used in  hub & spoke topology. Before we understand … Read more

EIGRP Interview Questions and Answers


EIGRP Interview Questions Here is the collection of most frequently asked EIGRP interview questions, if you are looking for basic networking interview questions or CCNA Interview Questions you can go here. What is EIGRP? EIGRP stands for Enhance interior Gateway routing protocol and it is enhanced distance vector and open standard routing protocol which Uses DUAL Algorithm … Read more

Features and Characteristics of EIGRP Protocol

Features and Characteristics of EIGRP Protocol Enhance interior Gateway routing protocol (EIGRP) is a hybrid protocol which have both types of features of distance vector protocol and link-state protocols. EIGRP is important topic of CNNA. Features of EIGRP Protocol Following are the some main features of EIGRP protocol. EIGRP is Hybrid protocol which have both … Read more