What is a VPN client Software and Hardware base Example

What is a VPN Client ? A VPN client can be a end-device or software that is used for making  connection with VPN server network to avail the service of VPN (Virtual private network) at remote location. A VPN-client can be a standalone device or software which can be installed and configured for connecting to … Read more

EIGRP Redistribute Static Routes | Static Redistribution Lab

eigrp redistribute static

EIGRP Redistribute Static Routes  With route Redistribute you can allow routes from one routing protocol to be advertised into another routing protocol. The routing protocol who accepts these redistribute routes are normally shows these routes as external routes in their routing table and these External-routes are normally have less metrics or preferable as compare to other … Read more

What does a wifi booster do | Top wifi-extender

WiFi Booster

What does a wifi booster do | Top wifi-extender A WiFi Repeater is used for increasing the strength of your wifi router for longer area.  A repeater contains two wifi or wireless-routers. One of these wireless router picks-up the current WiFi network and then transfers the signal to the other wireless router, which transmits the boosted signal. A wifi booster provide you … Read more