Difference between PowerShell and Command prompt and features

powershell vs command prompt

Difference between PowerShell and Windows Command prompt¬†and features PowerShell was introduced in Windows 7, a more effective command-line shell and scripting language than the old Command prompt. As of Windows 7, the Power-Shell has become more noticeable, and now becoming the default optional in Windows 10. PowerShell commands are extra complex than the traditional Command-prompt, … Read more

5 top ways to cleanup disk and make free space windows 10 in 2018

5 top ways to clean up your disk in windows 10 in 2018 Hard drives are getting bigger and bigger, ¬†but In case you’re harming for hard drive space, these trap steps should help you to free up space for essential documents and projects by evacuating the insignificant garbage jumbling up from your hard-disk. You … Read more