Designing an IPv6 Network

IPv6 header rv1

As a CCDA candidate you need to have high level understanding of IPv6, specification and IPv6 design issues.  Also must understand how an IPv6 address is represented and the different types of IPv6 addresses. Why we need IPv6? IPv6 is a mechanism that is really put together to overcome the limitation of IPv4 standard. The …

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IPv4 to Ipv6 Transition Strategies and Deployments


As a CCDA candidate we must aware with the IPv4 to Ipv6 transitions, using these transition methods you can design your IPv6 network or you can run both IPv4 and IPv6 in your network. Following are the Models are used for IPv4 to IPv6 transition. Each model provides several advantages and is advantages, the dual-stack …

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IPv6 Types and Allocations


IPv6 types of Addresses Following are the most common types of the IPv6 addresses: IPv6 Unicast IPv6 Anycast IPv6 Multicast The leading bits of an IPv6 address can define the IPv6 address type, following are the starting Hexadecimal/Prefix of common IPV6 types: Starting Bits IPv6 address  type or allocation 0000::/8 Unspecified, loopback, IPv4-compatible 2000::/3 Global Unicast …

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IPV6 Compression Rules and Representation

IPv6 address

IPv6 address is of 128 bits and represented in eight octets of 16 bits. IPv6 addresses are in hexadecimal form, so each digit is of four bits, IPv6 address’s consist of possible digits are 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F. Representation of all hexadecimal number/digits …

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IPv6 Vs IPv4 | IPv6 Comparison with IPv4

differences IPv6

Difference between IPv4 and IPv6: Following are the some key features of IPv4 and IPv6 address, with these features you can compare these two version of internet protocols. We have the extended address space in IPv6, IPv4 is of 32 bits and IPv6 is of 128 bits Ipv6 addresses are globally unique. Fixed header length: …

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Network Security Design | CCDA security Management

Network security

Deigning network with implementing security: CCDA security management is about the Implementation of security with some design standpoint, as a CCDA candidate you should understand the reason of network security and some efficient approaches for implementing the network security. You also need to focus on confidentially, integrity and Authentication. You can design a good secure …

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Network Security Policy and Process

Network security policy System Life Cycle

Network security System Life Cycle: As a Design professional security is one important aspect of job and as a CCDA candidate you should know about the security policy that is a key aspect of an organization’s network design. To offer the level of security that you need to enhance the network confidentially, integrity and Authenticity, …

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IP telephony design | Designing Voice Networks | CCDA

Centralized IP Telephony voice network design

This article is about designing voice network and we will discuss that how to design the voice network for small or large networks and also study some IT Telephony designs. Before going to voice design it is better you should have the understanding of basic voice systems and standard, some standard are as following: PBX …

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Designing QoS for Voice Traansport/Network

For designing a good voice network you should have to aware the following voice control issues: Packet Loss and Packet Delay: As a network engineer for better voice communication you need to minimize the packet loss and packet delay. Normally for a voice network 150ms one way delay is acceptable, but anything above 400ms is …

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What is IP address? IPv4 Addressing, IP classes, IPv4 Types


What is IP ? An IP addresses is a unique logical number to a network device or interface. Every device has a logical address in network layer of OSI model or in data network for packet routing which is called IP address. Internet Protocol is a protocol use for communication and for routing packets throughout …

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Choosing Best WAN Solution & Internet Backup Solutions with WAN Technologies

WAN Backup design

This article is about the following aspect of WAN design. Choosing Best WAN Solution Internet Backup Soultions Remote Access With VPN  Choosing your WAN Solution While designing the WAN network our goal should be to select the most efficient and best solution for any organization that’s satisfy the customer’s need and requirements . For selecting …

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WAN Design and Wide area Network Optimization | CCDA

WAN_Wide Area Network

CCDA exam covers WAN design methodologies and how some quality of service (QoS) techniques can make better use of the available bandwidth.The objective of WAN is to transport the data over the large networks with the help of ISPs and Telco’s. We use the different devices, protocols, application and technologies like ATM, ISDN and frame-relay …

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What is VPN, Types and Advantages of Virtual Private Network

VPN_Virtual Private network

What is Virtual Private Network? VPN is stand for virtual private network and it is a secure network that put together using public network to connect your enterprise edge to remote office, mobile user or home user. VPNs create the tunnels in that they carry traffic over an existing IP infrastructure. VPN technologies use the Internet, …

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Choosing the Best Routing Protocol | CCDA

Routing metric hop count

In this article we will discuss the important aspect of designing a network that is choosing best routing protocol for your network. This is one of the decision that you have to make before when you start building your network. While choosing best routing protocol for your network keep in mind following important factors and …

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