7 reasons to use Amazon S3 | Cloud computing online storage

What is amazon s3? AmazonS3 storage is an online storage system and service provided by Amazon, theoretically, S3 is a global storage area networks (SAN), it showed a large hard drive, in which you can store and retrieve digital assets.¬†However, technically, there are some differences in the architecture of Amazon. Amazon S3 structure: Inside you … Read more

Why Network Virtualization | Benefits | How does virtualization

Why Network Virtualization What is virtualization, how we can do the virtualization and willdescribe important reason for adopting Virtualization in this article. Today, virtualization technology can help businesses create a more efficient, higher manageability resource allocation more flexible data center. What is virtualization? Virtualization is away of creating of virtual version of some operating system … Read more

Google Cloud computing | Online Hard drive | Cloud Storage Review

For some years now cloud computing services are growing and increasing.¬†Almost without realizing all the services we use every day are in the cloud: Mail, music, photos, documents, videos… One of the main advantages of the cloud computing is that you can access files from anywhere and with any device having an internet connection. There … Read more

Features and Advantages of Cloud Computing

Definition of cloud computing: Cloud computing provides you the on demand network access to different shared resources computing resources like servers, storage, application software and services that can be easily access with minimal effort. Most of times you can access different network services with single web Browser. Benefits of Cloud Computing: “Cloud computing has changed … Read more