ipconfig Commands For Windows 10 Command Line

ipconfig Commands For Window 10

ipconfig Commands For Windows 10 This post is a complete guide for ipconfig Commands For Window 10, you will learn how to use different commands parameters with ipconfig. Ipconfig command is use to check the IP address information on windows. Its default output shows the IP address, network mask, and gateway for all physical and … Read more

CCNA ICND Quiz| online icnd1 exam practice TEST

ICND1 MCQs Questions and answer CCNA is divided into two parts, i.e. ICND1 & ICND2. when you earn both certifications then you become CCNA certified. Here are practice test or quiz for both these exam, which are very informative and helpful for your exam preparation. 100-101 ICND1 exam test 200-101 ICND2 exam test [wpsqt name=”ICND1 Network OSI … Read more

IPv4 to Ipv6 Transition Strategies and Deployments

As a CCDA candidate we must aware with the IPv4 to Ipv6 transitions, using these transition methods you can design your IPv6 network or you can run both IPv4 and IPv6 in your network. Following are the Models are used for IPv4 to IPv6 transition. Each model provides several advantages and is advantages, the dual-stack … Read more

IPv6 Types and Allocations


IPv6 types of Addresses Following are the most common types of the IPv6 addresses: IPv6 Unicast IPv6 Anycast IPv6 Multicast The leading bits of an IPv6 address can define the IPv6 address type, following are the starting Hexadecimal/Prefix of common IPV6 types: Starting Bits IPv6 address  type or allocation 0000::/8 Unspecified, loopback, IPv4-compatible 2000::/3 Global Unicast … Read more