Best Router For Apple Products- Routers For Apple HomeKit

Best Router For Apple Products

Apple has made its place in every house these days, and every low or high person prefers to buy an Apple product. No matter if it is an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or other. But does your apple device get distorted because you don’t have the best router inside your house? If you are facing the …

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Top 9 Best Router for Two Story House

Best Router for Two Story House

The best router for two story house is a hotly contested topic. Many popular brands have models that can be used for this, but not all of them work well. This article will help you to choose the best router for your house! Best Router for Two Story House This article will discuss the best …

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Best Router Under 150 Dollars-Reviews / Buying Guide

Best Router Under 150

Ever since this Global pandemic started due to Covid 19 and it’s been locked down, more people are getting connected to the internet at great speed. A reset is going on which is turning 80% of everything online. Therefore, people stay at their homes and they perform their work, do shopping, YouTubers are making new …

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Complete Guide on Cisco Router Configuration | Beginners Tutorial

Cisco Router Configuration

Complete Guide on Cisco Router Configuration For Beginners This article is a complete Guide on Cisco Router Configuration with Details. I have divided this article into three parts i.e. Basic cisco router configuration step by step Advanced cisco router configuration Cisco GUI Configurations I want to make it clear that this cisco configuration tutorial is …

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Difference between Modular Router Vs Non-modular router

What is Non-modular router? Non-modular router are low-end router and have fixed interfaces/Cards, we cannot able to add ports/interfaces latter on. This class of routers used to connect a home or small business ISP users. Non-modular router not only provides SLIP or PPP connection, also supports other protocols such as virtual private network protocols PPTP and IPSec, etc. …

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