Gns3 Supported Routers IOS list Devices can be used on GNS

Gns3 Supported Routers IOS Image list

In this article you will find the Cisco supported IOS list for the most famous network simulator/emulator that is Gns3. There are many different router IOS which are supported by the GNS3. Gns3 support different router images directly, some of them are need to be uncompressed before using it in gns3 while for some devices you are required the virtual machines of those images like IOU. You can also emulate the juniper router and IOU image using their VM images in gns3. Even you can run the Cisco XR images with gns3 that work with virtualBox, VMware and with KVM.

There are some Cisco 15.x IOS images which are support by gns3 as well. But currently 15.x images are only supported by the Cisco 7200 series in GNS3. List of compatible images from 7200 series is as under:

  • c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.152-4.M7 IOS image
  • c7200-ik9o3s-mz.124-25d
  • c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.151-4.M
  • c7200-ik9o3s-mz.124-25d

Gns3 Supported Routers IOS

Following are the short list of devices those can be emulate with GNS3:

Cisco IOS image 1700 Series Supported by Gns3

Cisco 1700 series some Ethernet interfaces and two slots for WICs or serial interface

  • 1710 have only Fast-Ethernet and Ethernet ports
  • 1721 or 1750 have a Fast-Ethernet and two WIC slots with maximum two Ethernet ports and four serial.
  • 1760 only one Fast-Ethernet fixed port two WIC card supported

Cisco 2600 Series IOS Supported by Gns3

Following 2600 series IOS are supported by GNS3:

  • Cisco 2610 image
  • 2611 IOS
  • Cisco IOS 2620
  • Cisco 2610XM IOS image
  • Ciaco 2620XM & 2650XM
  • Cisco 2621XM ios and 2651XM image


With the XM series like Cisco 2610XM, 2620XM, 2650XM, 2621XM and 2651XM IOS images you can use two Fast-Ethernet interfaces i.e. CISCO2600-MB-2FE, one NM slots with max four Ethernet interfaces or 16 ports Fast-Ethernet

Cisco IOS 3600 Series Supported by Gns3

Here are some 3600 ios that can be used with gns3:

  • Cisco 3620 IOS
  • Cisco 3640 image
  • 3660

With Cisco 3600 series IOS you can use 32 Fast-Ethernet or 24 serial interfaces (NM slots) and two Fast-Ethernet fixed interfaces.

Cisco 3700 Series Supported by Gns3

With cisco 3700 series IOS you can use two FastEthernet port on the motherboard, three sub slots for WICs and maximum 4 NM slots (one NM can have 16 FE ports). Following are famous IOS list:


Use Cisco PIX firewalls in GNS3

You can use Cisco PIX with special version of Qemu called PEMU.

Cisco ASA firewalls

You can also simulate or emulate cisco ASA firewall on GNS3. For more detail click on link.

Cisco IDS sensors

You can also use Qemu GNS3 emulates an IDS 4235/4215 Sensor. The software IPS is known to run with release 6.0.

Juniper routers on Gns3

There are some VM available through which you can use juniper router on GNS3.

Hosts or virtual PC on GNS3

You can use virtual host with other cisco devices in following ways:

  • Qemu host
  • VirtualBox VM
  • Linux Tinycore
  • you can connect your physical machine with gns3 using gns3 cloud

I hope this article is informative and helpful for you. You can add or share your though regarding supported device by gns3 here in comments. Thank you for reading this.. ! 🙂

GNS3 Virtualbox Connect VM with Gns3 1.4 or 1.3

GNS3 Virtualbox : How to use Virtual Box Virtual Machine in GNS3 as Virtual Host

This article is about Gns3 Virtualbox and I will show you how to connect virtualbox with gns3. Virtualbox is free software used for creating virtual machine. Now what is a virtual machine? A Virtual machine is virtual operating system that can be run within your operating systems. For example you are running windows 10 on your computer. with the virtualbox you can install windows 8 virtually. In this way you can run the windows 10 and windows 8 at a time under the same computer. You can run multiple VM on single computer, multiple VMs can be used on single computer for following purposes:

  • You can create different networking labs.
  • If you can have a powerful server, with multiple VMs you can install different application server on same server which is very economical.
  • It can be used for practice, suppose you have windows OS and with virtualbox you can install Linux OS on your computer virtually.

In GNS3 you can connect PC to your networking devices with following ways:

Advantage of using virtualbox VM over other options is that you have the real real PC with OS of your choice with full control. Which is much more comfortable for some people. Following are the steps for connecting virtualbox with GNS3:

  1. Create a Virtual Machine with Virtualbox

For connecting GNS3 with virtualbox first you have a VM, so first create a virtual machine. If you don’t have any idea of creating virtual machine following video is very helpful for you:

Once VM is created it will appears in list of OS of your virtualbox.

VMs in virtualbox

  1. Now open the GNS3 and click on Edit\Preferencesand then from VirtualBox VMsmenu clicking on new button for creating virtual host in gns3.gns3 VM setting
  2. Select your VM from list, in my case it is windows 8 which I have create with above define process.Select VM from gns3
  3. Now finish the wizard a new VM will appear in GNS3 virtual PCs list as shown in figure. Insert the win 10 and router on gns3-Dashboard and connect the virtual machine with that 10 host on gns3
  1. For customizing the NIC of virtual host, start your VM, now for configuring IP address. Open network and sharing center and from adapter setting assign the IP address and gateway to your VM. In order to communicate it with your router you must have to assign the IP to both devices from same subnet. For example I have assigned the and with subnet mask host network adapter setting

LAN IP address

For assigning the IP address to router use the following commands



config t

Interface e0 (select the interface which is connected to your VM)

ip address

no shut

For testing and verification connection you can ping your router from your VM command prompt, for this go to VM and type the cmd in Run and ping your router IP.

How to Register IOS image in GNS3 or Load IOS in GNS

How to register ios image in gns3 1.4.5

In this article I will tell you how to register ios image in gns3.  If you don’t load any IOS in GNS3 it will give you message “No router has been configured you must provide your own router images in order to use gns3”. Gns3 is a free software used for creating the networking lab in virtual environment like on your desktop PC. You can use all real network device like router and switch virtually by using real Cisco IOS in GNS3. So GNS3 uses real IOS images of Cisco it mean you can use any IOS with GNS3 and can practice your network scenario virtually before going directly into implementation. In this way you can test you network for possible errors. On gns3 website following IOS are suggested for best or reliable results:

  1. Cisco c3640 & c3660
  2. Cisco c2960 or c2911 IOS
  3. Cisco 3700 and 7200 series images

How to Load IOS image in gns3:

For registering an IOS in GNS3 you can go through with these steps:

  1. Download the cisco IOS Image, it up to your choice but if you want to download Cisco 3745 IOS image For Gns3 you can download from here.
  2. Open the GNS3 and click on edit menu and from dropdown menu click on the preferences.

Add IOS image in gns3

Now from left corner click on Dynamips  and then click on IOS router tab. For adding IOS click on new.

  1. Now it asked you to locate the cisco IOS image, for this click on browse.How to register ios image in gns3
  2. If your image is not compress then it will asked for decompress.Compress cisco IOS for gns3
  3. Select the IOS image model, usually it pick up automatically the right platform or model but you can also select the plateform image
  4. In next step set the RAM for your router, at least 256MB for good outcome.
  5. In next step you need to select the default interface types, you can leave it to default but you can also add the interface of your router later.default interface gns3 router
  6. Set the idle pc value for your router. This idle PC value will reduce the computer’s CPU memory and usage. If the selected idle PC not work good for you can also set it again later.idle PC gns3
  7. Now click on finish and then click on Once you finished this wizard cisco IOS device will appear in left corner.add IOS image to gns3 dashboard
  8. Now simply drag IOS image to GNS3 dashboard. And now you can play with your router. if you want to learn how to configure router and create gns3 lab you can click on this link: how to use and configure router in GNS3 1.3

I hope this article is informative for you, thank for visiting here.

Duplex Printing Manual | LaserJet p3015 3011 print on both side of paper

How to do double sided printing With any HP Printer on Windows Fixed:

This article is about both sides printing with HP laserjet 3015 on windows 7, 8.1 or on windows 10 and also applicable on different vendor and different model of printer. This guide is valid for if you have installed your printer drivers and printer is connected to your system correctly.

In my scenario I have a printer HP LaserJet p3015 which is installed on network, which mean it is connect with my system via Ethernet cable. For enabling duplex printing you can follow these steps:

  1. Open “Devices and printers” from start menu.
start menu windows 7
LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01
  1. Select the printer for which you want to enable the duplex printing, in our case it is LaserJet p3015, right click on it and open the printer properties.


elect the printer for duplex printing

  1. Go to device setting tab and select the option installed from “duplex Unit (for both side printing)

printer properties in windows 7

  1. You have successfully enabled the duplex printing for your printer, now you need to select the option for both sides while printing any document. For MS office and PDF document in print preview select the option “Print on both side” and then click on print and your printer will printer the page of documents on both side of paper. It does not matter the printer tray, you can perform this task from any tray with above settings.


Print on both side MS office

  1. For image or picture, first select the multiple images from office picture manager.

select the multiple images from office picture manager

  1. Press Ctrl+P and click on options and then on printer properties.

Print on both side imsge or jpg file


  1. From printing properties go to finishing tab and then select the option printer on both sides of paper.

printer images from both side

If you still have the issue, please watch the video for more troubleshooting.

Cisco ASA on Gns3 1.3.11 | Solution for ASA Flash issue

How to add ASA 8.4.2 in GNS3 on Window 7 or 8.1:

This is working processor of Cisco ASA on Gns3 1.3.0. You can easily configure your ASA firewall on GNS3. You need the following two ASA image files:

asa842-initrd.gz and asa842-vmlinuz ( these are ASA image files for gns3 )

you can download these file easily from internet. Once you have these two file follow these steps:

Open Gns3 and go to Edit \ Preferences \  Qemu \ Qemu VMS and click the New.

Add ASA on GNS3 1.3

Select the ASA 8.4-2 from drop down menu and type the name in next step.

Select ASA from menu

Set the RAM for your ASA

RAM for ASA in gns3

Locate the ASA files (i.e. asa842-initrd.gz & asa842-vmlinuz) and click on finish.

Now click on Edit and go to advanced setting tab and set the following value for respective parameter:

Qemu Options= -vnc none -vga none -m 1024 -icount auto -hdachs 980,16,32

Kernel cmd line= -append ide_generic.probe_mask=0x01 ide_core.chs=0.0:980,16,32 auto nousb console=ttyS0,9600 bigphysarea=65536

Locate two ASA file for gns3

Leave all the other options or setting to default and click the Save button then click OK button.

How to add Flash for ASA 8.4.2 in GNs3:

Open the command prompt, type the cmd in Run and press enter. Type the following commands for creation of FLASH for your ASA.

cd c:/

cd “Program files”

cd gns3

cd qemu-2.4.0

qemu-img.exe create FLASH 256

Press enter, you can review following image in case of any confusion. It may some take some time while creating the flash on last command so be patient 🙂

Create flash for ASA in  gns3

Please note that I am using the windows 7 enterprise 32 bit edition and GNS3 is installed at directory C:\Program Files\GNS3\. You can made changes to above command according to your installed path. But if you have the same OS and same installation directory you can use the above command prompt commands.

How to use ASA in GNS3:

Once you have completed all the above steps you will find the ASA in your GNS3 security devices.

ASA lab gns3

You can drag this ASA to your GNS3 topology. Start you ASA, once it is start used the enable command for entering into enable mode.  It will ask for password, these is no password set on it therefore simply press enter. Since you have created the flash for this ASA therefore you can also save your running configuration to start up configuration. In case of any issue please comment on this post, also if you have some suggestion for improving this article your comments are also welcome. Thank your time and enjoy ASA on Gns3…!