12 Best Gaming Desks Under 200 Dollars to Buy in 2022

12 Best Gaming Desks Under 200 Dollars to Buy in 2022

Best Gaming Desks Under 200

A gaming desk is an essential tool for any gamer. It’s where you will be sitting down to play your favorite games, so why not invest in something that will help you get the most out of your experience? A great desk can have all sorts of benefits, including being adjustable to fit different heights, having a large surface area with plenty of room for storage, and even coming equipped with speakers or headphone hangers! All this while looking super stylish too! There are tons of options for choosing the perfect desk, so I have rounded up my picks for the best gaming desks under 200$. Let us know what desk works best for you.

Different Type of Gaming Desk:

Some people think of a gaming desk as something that can be found only in the homes and offices of video game developers. However, there are several different kinds to choose from depending on your preferences!

  1. Some gamers want their L-shaped desks for playing computer games like League Of Legends (a type where you move around an arena trying to capture points).
  2. Other folks prefer 60-inch wide gaming desks with enough space underneath them, so they don’t need monitors or equipment; these work well if it’s solely about console gameplay without any external devices attached – which will make them stand upright once again when not being used
  3. U-shaped gaming desk is both perfect for the office and pro gamers. This type of workspace has plenty of surface area. They can be spacious enough with their ample storage space that holds your accessories in one place without looking cluttered or messy on top.
  4. These adjustable gaming desks can be set at two different heights, so you’re never too far from an ergonomic position. Counterbalanced desks use a gas cylinder and spring tension to raise the work surface.

List of Best low budget Gaming Desk:

There are several types of Best Gaming Desk under 200$, and they vary in size and shape. It can be a large table or a small stand. Following are the most popular Best Gaming Desk under 200$:

Image Product Features Price
Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Gaming Desk Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Gaming Desk

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GreenForest L Shaped Gaming Desk GreenForest L Shaped Gaming Desk

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Casaottima L Shaped Gaming Desk Casaottima L Shaped Gaming Desk

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Homall Gaming Desk Homall Gaming Desk

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DESINO Gaming Desk DESINO Gaming Desk

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It's_Organized Gaming Desk It’s_Organized Gaming Desk

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VIPEK Ergonomic Gaming Desk VIPEK Ergonomic Gaming Desk

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Vitesse Gaming Desk Vitesse Gaming Desk

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Amazon Basics Gaming Desk Amazon Basics Gaming Desk

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MOTPK Gaming Desk MOTPK Gaming Desk

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Atlantic Original Gaming-Desk Atlantic Original Gaming-Desk

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How to choose the Best Gaming Desk:

Are you in the market for a Gaming Desk Under 200? If so, keep reading! Gaming desks can be used to store computer equipment or act as a stand to prop up your laptop while gaming. They also come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to choose one that fits your specific needs. To help you decide which Gaming Desk Under 200 is best for you, we’ve created this buying guide with tips on what to consider before making a purchase.

There are many factors you should consider when buying a gaming desk. Compare the dimensions and weight of each piece and what type of keyboard tray it comes with, if any. Then think about where they will go most comfortably in your home space before making that big purchase decision.

Weight Capacity:

The most important thing to look for in a gaming desk is its maximum weight capacity. To get the most out of your gaming experience, you need a desk that can accommodate all those high-end equipment.

Surface Area of Gaming desk:

The gaming desk is an essential component in any game room. The surface area of the desktop should be enough space for all your gaming accessories so they can be reached out easily when you need them. When you’re getting a new gaming desk for your office, keep in mind that the surface area should be able to accommodate multiple monitors and all of their accessories.

Price of Gaming desk:

This article is only about the gaming desks within a budget of $200. If you don’t have this restriction, many guides cater to different price ranges for gamers. So this can be an important factor to consider while buying a gaming desk. So choose a high-quality computer desk with maximum features in your price range.

Space Available in your Room:

It is important to consider the space you have in your room before getting a desk. This will ensure that it looks good and won’t take up too much valuable flooring or other surfaces, such as walls for paintings. For example, if you are looking to place the desk in the corner of your room, then an L-shape gaming desk can be the most suitable or perfect choice.

Solid & Stability:

It’s important to have a stable gaming desk. It can mean the difference between winning and losing, so be sure you’re getting one that won’t wobble or creak during intense sessions of play!


The different materials are used for computer gaming desks, but the most are made of MDF or particleboard, which are lightweight and durable materials. Some computer desks are even come equipped with waterproof designs that make them perfect for those who want their desk(s) anti-static. Glass desks can be tricky cleaners because they might not allow you better cable management. So It up to you which material you like for your gaming desk.

Additional Storage Options:

If you’re looking for a desk that can store all your gaming gear, the options available will be limited. Most desks are either l-shaped or straight and traditional in design with no built-in storage space to speak of.

This guide discusses some good quality gaming desks with plenty of room inside them, so gamers don’t need an external cabinet!

Design of Gaming desk:

The design of a gaming desk has always mattered to gamers. The sleek and elegant look complementing their system is important for players to provide the best playing experience possible.

Aesthetics-style gaming desks are perfect for those who want to give their computer desk an aesthetic makeover. These beautiful designs can turn any dull room into something stylish and functional, with plenty of leftover space on top!

Additional Features of Gaming Desk:

Apart from these key features to consider, some other additional features can add some extra value to your gaming experience. The gaming desk is a multifunctional workstation that can accommodate everything from your monitor, accessories, and headphones to all sorts of cool lighting, with its cup holder for tea or coffee on top of providing cable management with ease-of-use features like RGB LEDs. It’s no wonder these desks have become increasingly popular among gamers looking for the best possible setup.

1. Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Mr Ironstone is an L-shaped desk, which is perfect for a gaming room or family space. The large monitor stand provides ample storage while keeping your screen visible and within reach of others sitting around the workspace! This stylish furniture option also comes assembled so you can get right to work without wasting time putting it together yourself.

Shape L-Shape
Special Feature Adjustable
Easy to Assemble
Top Material Type Engineered Wood
Included Components Monitor Stand

This desk is made of a large desktop in 3 pieces, which can be separated into two sides and an adjustable leg pad. The corner design provides stability for uneven floors. The L-shaped desk is as easy to clean and install as other desks because of its textured surface.

The computer desk is a sleek and stylish way to support your monitor and other electronics without the risk of it collapsing. It can be used for writing or gaming, whether you’re at work or need extra space on two monitors! Get yours today with free shipping from the breazy store.

✅ L-shaped design, make the maximum use of your space.
✅ Made of premium P2 Mdf, a high-quality Board & Metal Frame.
✅ “X” shape design gives more stability
✅ Can easily Supports up to three Monitors as well as desktop computers.
✅ Mutlipurpose Desk can be used as gaming desk, writing, office desk etc
✅ Leg pads that are adjustable help that the desk is sturdy on uneven surfaces.
❌ Not Recommended for too tall people

2. GreenForest L Shaped Gaming Desk

The GreenForest l-shaped gaming desk is the perfect blend of modern style with a sturdy look. The black metal frame gives it just enough edge to be noticed amongst other desks, but not so much that you’ll notice its presence all over your room.

Shape L-Shape
Style Contemporary
Made of Eco-friendly high quality  P2 particle board
Top Material Type Engineered Wood
Item Weight 37.2 Pounds

This Gaming Desk is the perfect way to spend your spare time. The 58 inch wide, 60 inches deep computer desk can be easily used as an office or bedroom corner. This black finish makes it easy on the eyes and provides that modern look you’ve been looking for in any room decorating project, especially one focused on gaming equipment.

This corner desk is the perfect solution for a small space, with its eco-friendly P2 board surface and scratch-resistant finish. These computer desks will keep your desktop safe from drinks stains or other harmful substances left behind by coworkers. The metal frame ensures that it’s both solid and stable on any flooring material, whether hardwood floors or carpeting at home.

✅ L-shaped design gives Elegant design to this desk
✅ Safe from stains caused by drinks
✅ The finish is scratch resistant
✅ Its three-piece design makes it makes it easy to use for any use.
✅ Made of particleboard
✅ P2 eco friendly
✅ Stability are improved.
❌ There is no additional storage space or hooks to hang accessories.
❌ There is No RGB lighting.

3. Casaottima Store L Shaped Gaming Desk

The Casaottima store L-shaped gaming desk is made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. This beautiful home office or computer desk will enhance your space in more than just an aesthetic way.

This luxurious L Shaped Gaming Desk Home Office desk is the perfect place for you to work! With its ergonomic design and sleek look, this computer desk will make sure that your back stays happy all day long. The large monitor stand makes it easy to find space without any problems whatsoever; plus, there’s plenty of room on top or underneath if need be as well.

Easy to install
Shape L-Shape
Large Monitor Stand 
Top Material Type Engineered Wood
Mounting Type Floor Mount

This gaming desk is made of strong and durable material. You can assemble it within 30 minutes, and all tools are included in the kit! The desktop frame has an elegant design that will complement your home decor.
It’s perfect as an additional workstation and for playing video games at night with friends or family around to entertain yourself while doing homework without distractions.

✅ L Shaped Gaming Desk
✅ This desk comes with Plenty of Space.
✅ It also comes with a monitor stand
✅ Flexible to use
✅ Installation is simple and easy to do
❌ there are no hooks for hanging accessories.
❌ Less weight limit

4. Homall Gaming Desk 44 Inch Computer Desk

The Homall 44″ Computer Desk offers the perfect combination of form and function in an understated, yet stylish design. With its Z-shaped computer workstation that folds away to provide ample space for gaming or media consumption; carbon fiber surface cup holder.

The large gaming desktop is perfect for gamers who want to get more than just their feet wet in the digital world. It can support up to any size monitor, mouse and keyboard as well as any other gaming devices you might use.

Desk with Carbon Fiber Surface 
Shape Rectangular
Cup Holder and Headphone Hook
Top Material Type Plastic, Metal

The carbon fiber surface on the Homall gaming desk is designed for all game players. It has a textured desktop, smooth touch and it looks as if there are faint scratches in each region of its design that give an authentic look to any computer’s performance when playing games.

The desk is designed to be a gamer’s dream come true. With an ample amount of space for headphones and cups, as well as cord collector under the chair which will keep your room clean from tangled wires or cords.

✅ Large Gaming Surface
✅ Carbon Fiber Surface
✅ Z Shaped Pc Gaming Desk
✅ equipped with a headphone hook and cup holder
✅ Free, stylish and strong design.
❌ It isn’t easy to put together

5. DESINO Gaming Desk

DESINO Gaming Desk is a 40 inch PC Computer Desk, comes with cup holder and Headphone hook. This Z-shaped gamer workstation is the perfect place to sit down for hours of gaming or office work on your computer. The black finish makes this small space-saving furniture piece look elegant in any setting while providing great maneuverability around noisy households.

40 inch PC Computer Desk
Cup Holder and Headphone Hook
Z Shaped Gaming desk
Sturdy and Durable

The desktop is both durable and sturdy because of its unique carbon fiber texture. The ergonomic wraparound shape makes it easy for you to work while staying in one place, so much more stable than a regular desk.

It has easy installation, as this comes with the Installation Guide and Video guide. Using this detailed guide, you’ll have no problem installing a computer desk and other hardware in just minutes.

✅ with Cup Holder and Headphone Hook
✅ Z Shaped Computer Des
✅ Equiped with A monitor stand
✅ carbon fiber texture surface
✅ This Desk is Sturdy and Durable.
✅ equipped with a headphone hook and cup holder
✅ Simple and stylish design.
✅ You can assemble this desk easily.
❌ The material that the cup holder functions for is very fragile.

6. It’s_Organized 60 inch Gaming Desk

The It’s_Organized, 60-inch Gaming, comes with a Free Mouse pad, T-Shaped Professional Gamer Game Station and Cup Holder is ideal for any gamer. This desk features A racing-style finished look of Cherry Wood, an ample workspace fit for up to 3 monitors at once (depending on their size), as well as storage underneath, including cable management channels that keep your cords tidy.

60 inch Gaming Desk 
T-Shaped Desk
USB Gaming Handle Rack
Headphone Hook and Cup Holder
Cable Organized System

The gaming desk offers a convenient spot to store all of your controllers and games. It also has four USB ports for charging devices, which you can never have too many! Instead of reaching over or around from behind your computer tower to use these cords, they’re right in front so that there’s no need at all.

✅ T-Shape gaming desk
✅ Double Headphone Hook
✅ Stand Cup Holde
✅ Adjustable Feet for perfect balance
✅ USB Game Handle Rack
❌ no seperate monitor stand but it can hold 2 to 3 monitors


7. VIPEK Ergonomic Gaming Desk

What if you could have a desk for your games, electronics, and more? The VIPEK Ergonomic Gaming Desk pulls this off. It has everything from cup holders to monitor shelves so that you can play while doing other things around the house or office. With 47 inches of space available on its surface, there’s plenty of room left over when it comes time for work too. The red color shade gives this an attractive look.

47 Inch Computer Desk
Carbon Fiber Surface 
Headphone Hook
Drink Cup Holder
4 cable managers

The gaming computer desk is a user-friendly, well-designed piece of furniture. The 4 cable managers help keep your cables organized and neat so you can easily find what’s needed for any game or procreation session with no hassle. It also comes equipped with an additional headset hanger and cup holder, which makes sipping on coffee while playing games.

✅ Solid and Stable Build
✅ Ample space to accommodating two monitors
✅ No wobbling as it comes with four adjustable foot pads
✅ headset hanger and cup holder
✅ Load Capacity: 220lbs
✅ Adjustable Metal legs

❌ High Price but Great features.

8. Waleaf VITESSE Gaming Desk

The VITESSE Gaming Desk offers 55 inches of space for all your computing needs and is optimized with cup holders so you can enjoy a cool drink on the fly! This desk will transform any living room or bedroom into an interactive PC gaming zone.

T Shaped Racing Style
USB Gaming Handle ports
Comes with Free Mouse pad
Cup Holder and Headphone Hook

This PC desk has 4 USB ports for you to use. Instead of looking for the tower for your computer, these ports are just next to you on this gaming desk. The desk features a T-shaped design and four leveling feet to keep it horizontal. Additionally, the PC desk is constructed from premium density fiberboard that ensures stability while you game or work on your computer.

This PC desk comes with a cup holder that can hold drinks and fits small and large cups as well as ice cream.

✅ aesthetic value
✅ Include a Large Mouse Pad
✅ USB Gaming Handle Rack
✅ Cup Holder & Headphone Hook avaiable
❌ Cheap particle board, sharp plastic tray,


9. EUREKA ERGONOMIC 47 Inch Gaming Desk 

The EUREKA ERGONOMIC 47 Inch Gaming Desk with Full Mouse Pad, Computer Game Display, and Headphone Hook is a great choice for gamers who want to have everything they need at their fingertips. This spacious desk features an extendable USB, which makes it easy to use headphones or plug any device without worrying about where you’ll put them while gaming.

47 Inch PC Desk 
Gaming Desk with Cup Holder
Headphone Hook included 
Handle Rack with USB Charging Ports for Gamer

A 47-inch long desk is perfect for gamers who want to have plenty of room and multiple screens. This e-sport gamer’s workstation has the right size, so it can also accommodate PC or console gaming gear like ps4/Xbox one with ease.
The Captain GIP-P47 gave you the racing gamer look with its solid carbon fiber tabletop, angular lines, and blacked-out metal frame. It also features gaming-style cable grommets for a high-tech finish that is completely immersive while playing games like Mario Kart.

✅ Materials: P2PB/ABS/Carbon Steel
✅ Cup holder
✅ Game Controller Rack
✅ 4 USB Gaming ports
✅ Double Headphone Racks
✅ Installation tool included
❌ according to some amazon reviews it is Wobbly

10. Amazon’s Basics Gaming Computer Desk

If you are looking for a desk that will suit your gaming needs, have we got just the thing! Gamers and online multi-player fans design the computer desk. Amazon’s Basics Gaming Computer Desk has multiple storage holder compartments to hold controllers, headphones, speakers, or drink cups. Red offers a sleek and modern design that will transform any room into the ultimate gaming den. The black metal frame features an open shelf perfect for storing your controller or headphones, so they’re always close by when you need them.

PC Desk with Storage for Controller

Headphone & Speaker

The gaming desk is a modern and stylish steel leg design that provides extra stability with 5 slots to hold games, an under-desk basket for storage, or charging smartphones/tablets at your convenience. At the same time, there is a monitor stand that can fit monitors up to 32 inches wide.

✅ Hanging holders for headphones, game controllers, speakers
✅ drink cup holder
✅ A monitor stand
✅ made with carbon fiber laminates
✅ More stable with steel K-leg design provides
❌ Monitor stand is Wobbly for larger monitors.

11. MOTPK Gaming Desk

The MOTPK gaming desk is 47 inches, the perfect place for your computer, video game console, and other electronics. The ergonomic design provides an excellent standing position while playing games or working on projects with its included cup holder rack that’s great if you like coffee in bed! This carbon fiber model also includes a headset hook to keep those headphones from getting lost.

Carbon Fiber Gaming Computer Desk 
T-Shaped Gaming Table
with Cup Holder Rack 
Headphone Hook

The sturdy T-shape steel frame and thick desktop ensure that this computer desk holds up to 330 lbs. The leveling feet keep it stable on both carpet or hardwood floors, ensuring your electronics stay safe during move-in day.

✅ T-Shaped Gaming Desk
✅ Solid leg for more stability
✅ Different holders for headphone and other stuff.
✅ Carbon Fiber surface
❌ high price

12. The Atlantic Gaming Desk

Are you looking for a solid gaming desk? The Atlantic Gaming Desk has just come out. It features an ergonomic design and curved front, making it perfect for playing games from any angle! Store your controller in the storage pod on top or plug in some headphones if they’re more comfortable than speakers while you work too.

Atlantic’s Gaming Desk Pro is specifically designed to hold your gaming equipment, so you can focus entirely on the epic battle. The durable steel leg construction and sleek charcoal-colored carbon fiber laminated top provide close-up. This desk has ample room for a monitor or PC and other items like laptops and speakers in front of this curved desk panel.

charging stand for smart phone
peaker stands 
Space for Game Controller
Headphone hook

This PC desk is ideal for handling the MONITOR & SMARTPHONE STAND to hold your phone, tablet, or laptop while you work. It has an elevated shelf that supports monitors up to 32 inches in size. The sleek style means it can fit nicely with any decorating theme and provides a touch of sophistication when used at home office spaces too.

✅ MOnitor and game Controller stand
✅ Headphone hook
✅ speaker and Smart phone stand
✅ Curved Front Desktop
✅ Made of robust steel leg construction and elegant charcoal-colored carbon
❌ Chair is NOT included with PC desk
❌ Frame is not finished propely, poor welding


FAQs- Gaming Desks Under 200 Dollars:

How much should I spend on a gaming desk?

Gaming desks under 200 are perfect for gamers with a limited budget. Gaming Desks Under 200 usually offer space to store your computer equipment and even provide an ergonomic design that prevents health problems in the future! These low-budget Gaming desks are very easy on the wallet but don’t sacrifice quality or functionality.

Is a 55-inch desk good for gaming?

Yes, it can provide a large area to provide a good and comfortable gaming experience. A massive 55 inch wide by 24 inches deep surface area will allow you to set up plenty of gaming equipment, and the durable steel frame with adjustable leveling feet sits on a wide base.

What is a good size for a gaming desk?

The comfortable size may vary for different gamers, but most gaming lovers believe that the ideal dimension for a gaming desk is 60 inches in width, 30 inches deep, and tall. It should be big enough so that when sitting down at it all day long feels comfortable but not too much larger than necessary if space is limited inside the home due to everything being packed into one small area. This desk size will allow you to store all of your gaming gear and accessories in one place and will provide you with enough room to set up your monitors or other devices while keeping an eye on what’s going on around you with this setup.

Are gaming desks worth it?

A gaming desk is a must-have for any gamer. Not only does it keep you comfortable and mobile with its ergonomic design, but the space on this stool allows multiple monitors to be set up without sacrificing your view of what’s going on in front or behind them!

What height should a gaming desk be?

The best way to ensure you have a comfortable gaming desk from top to bottom is by measuring your current height. If your height is shorter than 5.6″ then 28 inched high table is good for you”. And if you are taller than 5.8″ or more than 31 inches or higher gaming desk is recommended for you. Consider getting an adjustable chair so that the keyboard doesn’t seem as far away during long sessions of playtime.



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