Voice control commands to dictate text into iOS (Iphone, Ipad)and Mac OS X

A voice command device is a device controlled by means of the human voice. By removing the need to use buttons, dials and switches, people can easily operate appliances with their hands full or while doing other tasks.

IOS is an operating system from Apple and all its iOS devices including iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5, the iPad (3rd and 4th generations), the iPad Mini, and the iPod Touch all come with a newer & modern voice control software known as Siri. Now a days all iOS devices have voice recognition feature that allows a user to issue voice commands, and using these voice commands you performed different tasks like:

  • send a text message
  • send an email
  • find a contact
  • set an alarm
  • set a timer
  • check the weather
  • set a reminder
  • schedule meetings

You can learn “speech to text on iphone” and “how to enable voice commands on android” from these links, following are some common voice commands for iOS

iphone voice control commands which are helpful in messaging:

We have a number of additional voice commands to control your device.

ActionVoice CommandOutput
 Quotes Open quotes Closes quotes “”
 Question marksCloses question mark ?
 write exclamation  exclamation  !
 Emoticons Happy FaceSad face winking face   🙂



 starts a new line New line 
 adds a full stop Full stop .
 Square brackets  open bracketclose bracket []
  semicolon ;
 print different signsplus sign equals sign


multiplication sign

greater than less than

copyright sign

registered sign

a trademark sign







type the following word in upper or lower case 
 All uppercase / lowercase all
capitalizes the first letter of each and every one of the words dictate Capitalized Enable / disable capitalized

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