WHAT IS GPO (Group Policy Object) Create and Apply a GPO?

WHAT IS GPO (Group Policy Object) Create and Apply a GPO?

You can control almost everything of active directory users using group policy object, you can manage different items like user desktop experience including theme/wallpaper, installation printers, security configurations like password complexity, redirect folders, you can control the installation of software with GPO. Every windows OS has a build-in group policy object which is known as default GPO or local GPO. But you can implement the group policy object in active directory on Site, domain, OU and Sub-OU. How to create and link a GPO: There are two ways to create a GPO for active directory objects.

  1. One ways to create a group policy object is right click on domain or OU or where you want to create a GPO from group policy management in server 2008 R2. In new dialog box, type the name for new GPO and click OK.

create a GPO for domain For customization right click on newly created GPO and click edit. To implement the GPO you need to enforce GPO as well. edit a GPO in server 2008 R22. The second way to create a new GPO is to create a GPO from group policy object under the feature tab right click and type name for this GPO in new dialog box.

group policy object

Once you have completed the setting/configuration for this new GPO, you can either drag this GPO to your required node where you want to apply GPO or right click on OU or domain where you want to enforce this GPO and click “link an existing GPO”. Select the GPO for your OU from list and click ok.

link to exitiing GPO


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