6 Best Sticker Printer Machine For Small Business

6 Best Sticker Printer Machine For Small Business

When it comes to the best sticker printer machine, there are many different types and models to choose from. One of the best ways that you can find the best sticker printer machine for your needs is by doing some research and reading reviews.

Best Sticker Printer Machine

These sticker printers can turn anything into a sticker. In this article, we will review five of the best-selling sticker printer machines on Amazon according to customers’ feedback and ratings. The best thing about these best sticker printer machines is that they do not require any kind of software or application for them to work. You can simply insert the design and start printing your designs on them immediately.

What is the advantage of Sticker Print Machine:

With the Sticker Print Machine, you can turn anything into a sticker. This machine is very helpful for printing different labels, sticker and with the advanced models of these printers, you can create a beautiful DIY craft, cards etc. These printers can print stickers on paper if you are looking for direct to garment printers you can visit the link.

How to choose the best sticker printer machine?

It’s not an easy task. There are many factors to consider in order to purchase the best sticker printer machine. This blog post will guide you through the best options available, and provide tips on how much you should be willing to spend on your new purchase.

– What is the best price range?

– Which sticker printer machines offer the best value for money?

– Is it worth spending extra cash on advanced features like NFC connectivity or Bluetooth support?

Types of Sticker Printer

First, understand the technologies used for sticker printers, With the advances in technology, there are many types of sticker printers. Some rely on old-fashioned techniques like inkjet printing while others use more modern technologies such as laser engraving or thermography to create high-quality images that stay legible over time. There are three main types

  • Digital: Ideal choice if you want best quality stickers with high-resolution printouts but also more expensive than rest three types in this type of printers;
  • Thermal: Even though these come cheap in rates yet there is no chance of getting excellent prints because they cannot produce fine resolutions without any flaws.
  • Inkjet: These kinds have been considered as the best option by the best sticker printer machine.

Quality of Print:

“Printing quality is also crucial.” – this part of the sentence can be rephrased as “The high-quality print resolution is one of the best features that make us recommend it to our readers.”Colour match is important for the sticker printer, ensuring the accuracy of colours on your custom stickers. With a wide range of colour options and features such as personalized designs or logos for the sticker printer, you can create professional-quality labels to impress customers.

Mode of operation: Manual or Automatic

The most important thing in choosing an automatic or manual printing method is whether you want professional quality stickers for your customers. It is best to buy the best sticker printer machines that are wireless, but they may be more expensive than manual printers.  The Wireless Connectivity option is best for those who are looking for a hassle-free printing experience.

Type of paper used :

There are different types of paper used by the sticker printer machine. The best types of papers to use are thick, so most people recommend using at least 25-pound paper for the best results when using a vinyl cutter. If you’re looking for stickers to be printed on thicker materials like cardboard then you should consider a die-cutter.

Pre-cut designed Option:

Auto cutter function allows you to cut precisely without waste or damage to other materials attached. You can consider this option if you required vinyl printing.

Size of Printed Sticker:

The size of stickers printed from these machines is started from inches and can print full paper size sticker. Make sure of what kind of size you need for your stickers. Figure out where you are going to put them. For example, if placing it on your car, measure that space and see how many stickers can fit into it. Once this has been done, you will be able to decide on the best sticker printer machine for your needs.

If you are looking to put all your company information onto one sheet, then a single sticker is best for this – so keep that in mind when choosing what best sticker printer machine will best fit your needs.

Cost or Price of Printer:

Be sure to factor in your budget when buying a sticker printer machine. There are many different types of stickers, and they all vary by price point. It’s important that you buy one which will fit your needs and also fulfil your requirement.

CustomSticker.com, Online Printing w/No Minimum

Before you check the Sticker Printer Machines, if you want to save the choice time of printer, ink and paper, or buying a printer is not economical for your current budget, you can try the professional sticker printing services. There are lots of online sticker makers, we recommend CustomSticker.com, who offers a free artwork service. It will save your extra design cost, which is friendly for beginners. Just prepare an idea or logo, and the rest of the professional work can be handed over to the company.

sticker printer alternative

Great for Beginners

No Installation, Quick & Easy Order Online

Free Artwork & Shipping

Check Price On CustomSticker

CustomSticker.com is the easiest, fastest and funniest way to order custom stickers. As a fast-growing sticker printing company, they print stickers for small businesses, startups, bloggers, artists, and companies, with print runs starting at $50. They print stickers and labels with various usages, types, materials and shapes, including transfer, clear, static clings, and other 10 types, as well as the kraft, holographic, fluorescent, foil, pearlescent, metallic, and other special materials. These stickers are waterproof and UV-resistant for outdoor promotion use, can be applied to the most surfaces to meet any marketing demands.

Unique Features:

  • At CustomSticker.com, you can start with a simple idea or logo. Artwork design and revision don’t need to pay additional fees, and they offer an online design tool with massive elements and templates. You can visit their website, design the stickers you want, and wait for the stickers to be delivered to your door after paying for the order.
  • Owned factory, minus middleman cost, no MOQ and also suitable for bulk orders. They offer full-color printing, high quality vinyl waterproof, UV resistant material, and free FedEx shipping, 2-4 days turnaround. Worry-free returns, suitable for people of all budgets.


✅ No installation, no set up, no warm-up time
✅ Perfect for small businesses, startups, bloggers, artists, and companies
✅ Factory direct deal, stickers as low as $0.11/pc
✅ Free design tool and professional design assistance.
✅ Various product type, size, shapes, materials selection
✅ Full-color printing, high fidelity resolution and durable prints
✅ Vinyl waterproof and UV resistant stickers
✅ Easy to apply and remove without residue
✖ Fast and free air shipping but 2-4 days turnaround time

6 Best Sticker Printer Machine For Small Business

Here is the top list of 6 Best Sticker Printer Machine For Small Business. These Printer Machines are efficient for your start-up business company, or small business. And they have the ability to print the backside of paper stickers or labels for promotional campaigns, consumer products or any marketing tool needed.

Image Product Features Price
Xyron Creative Station-sticker printer machine Xyron Creative Station-sticker printer machine

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HP Sprocket Portable Sticker Printer HP Sprocket Portable Sticker Printer

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Cricut Explore Air 2, Mint Sticker Printer Cricut Explore Air 2, Mint Sticker Printer

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Cricut Explore Air 2 Sticker photo Printer Cricut Explore Air 2 Sticker photo Printer

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Xyron Create Sticker Maker Machine Xyron Create Sticker Maker Machine

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Brother ScanNCut SDX125E Electronic Printer Brother ScanNCut SDX125E Electronic Printer

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1. Xyron Creative Station, 9” x 5” sticker printer machine

Xyron Creative Station is the perfect machine for arts and crafts projects and the best sticker printer for small business. It can be used to make stickers, labels, photo albums, scrapbook pages and more! This non-electric sticker maker has no warm-up time and includes a drop-in cartridge that is ready to use right out of the box. It’s great for beginners because it’s so easy to use. If you want to laminate your project, just add an optional laminator.

Best for arts and crafts projects
Sheet Size 9
non-electric & no warm-up time

The Xyron Creative Station is a great choice for someone looking to print self-adhesive labels, tags and more. This model can be used by anyone as it’s incredibly easy to use. You just need your desired item or photo printed on the special paper that comes with this device and insert it into the rear of the unit where you will see an opening that displays your image right away!

Unique Features:

  • The Xyron Creative Station is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to avoid all of that pesky warm-up time and mess associated with traditional sticker printers. You can effortlessly apply an edge-to-edge adhesive, without so much clean-up afterward!
  • You can easily print the small to large size stickers for small business.


✅ Easy drop-in cartridge
✅ Perfect for arts and crafts
✅ non-electric sticker printer
✅ no warm-up time
✅ Print is Protected with Laminate
✅ Environmentally safe
❌ laminate and magnet refills are sold separately

2. HP Sprocket Portable 2×3″ Photo and Sticker Printer:

The HP Sprocket Portable Photo and Sticker Printer is the easiest way to print photos from your smartphone. Snap a photo or create a sticker with your phone, edit it, then instantly print it out onto sticky-back paper. The Sprocket App makes editing photos fun and easy! Create stickers by adding text or drawings to your printed photos. Prints up to 50 sheets of 2 x 3″ colour prints (0.13mm thickness). USB charging cord included; no power cord needed. Compatible with iOS as well.

A best Pocket Sticker Printer Machine
A Portable and Slim design
Connect with phone through Bluetooth connectivity

HP Sprocket Portable Sticker Printer provides an easy, instant solution for printing photos and stickers on the go. Save your best memories in custom sticker prints with this pocket-sized printer that connects seamlessly to smartphones via Bluetooth. It’s perfect for parties or simply making photo gifts!

Unique feature:

It can be connected to multiple devices at a time and all these devices can send the print simultaneously. So this sticker printer can be a perfect choice for a small office.

✅ USB charging cord included
✅ Slim and portable design
✅ Bluetooth connectivity.
✅ You can send the print directly from your phone.
✅ Compatible with IOS devices as well.
❌ perfect for stickers but not good quilty prints for Photos

3. Cricut Explore Air 2, Mint Sticker Printer

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is the newest cutting machine from Cricut. This machine has all the great features of the original Cricut Explore, but with a few upgrades that make it even better! The Circuit Explore Air 2 is the most interactive, economical and easiest to use cutting machine. It will flawlessly cut over 100 types of materials including premium vinyl, iron-on and fabrics with no need for any special tools or knowledge!

The Best DIY cutting machine
HD Output
Wireless Connectivity with PC, Phone and tablet

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is the ultimate machine for creating projects with personalized details. With amazing features like Bluetooth connectivity, this innovative Sticker Printer cuts and stickers paper or fabric using your own digital designs in just minutes! You can also create on any material imaginable – including vellum to leather.

Unique Feature:

  • Cricut Explore Air 2 Sticker Printer allows you to create your own custom stickers from anywhere, anytime. All it takes is a few minutes of design time on the computer and this device will work as both an adaptor or printer for various sizes up through 3″ x 5″.
  • It’s perfect whether you’re looking to make birthday party labels in bulk quantities at home with friends & family members who can’t come visit all week long; want designs specifically made just for kids’ rooms without having any room left over after decorating

✅ perfect DIY cutting machine
High-Quality output
✅ you can connect this printer with a tablet or mobile phone & computer.
❌ A little expensive

4. Xyron Sticker Maker printer

Xyron Sticker printer is the best sticker printer machine which is very popular in the market. You can use this best product for your home and office purposes.  The Xyron Create-a-Sticker is a non-electric, create-a-sticker that has no warm-up time. You can make the stickers manually with this printer. It’s a great way to make stickers for scrapbooking, card making and other crafts.

Create-a-Sticker is a non-electric
has no warm-up time
Best for Cardmaking & other crafts

Unique Feature:

  • This is the perfect solution for any of your crafting needs. You can use it without heat, electricity or messy glue! Simply apply acid-free adhesive on paper and wrap seamlessly around an object that requires protection like glassware at home before giving them as gifts this holiday season.

✅ no electricity required
✅ Easy to use
✅ no warm-up time
✅ very little mess and easy to clean up
❌ Print size is 5 inches only

5. Phomemo M02 Portable Thermal Sticker Printer

Phomemo M02 thermal sticker printer is a mini pocket printer, equivalent to the black and white version of the Photo printer. You can print text or any photo directly from your phone via Bluetooth. It is very convenient for you to print any information as necessary.

Phomemo M02 Portable Sticker Printer
Mini Thermal Pocket printer
It Can Print directly from SMartphone

Unique Features:

    • This printer has the Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity option, with this you can connect this to your mobile and can print any phone directly from your mobile phone.

  • This sticker printer has an Android app that includes 6 plates: scan & print images, notes, templates for micro-printing and toolbox.

✅ Portable Mini Printer
✅ Cartoons Graffiti
✅ Perfect Your Journal
✅ You can printer directly from Phone
✅ Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity
✅ App Multi-Functionality
❌ Black and white Printer

6. Brother ScanNCut SDX125E Stickers Machine

This is the 0ne of the best sticker printer machine has a sleek silver look and can cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric up to 12 inches wide. The best part about this best sticker printer machine is that it can also scan photos directly into your computer with the included software. You do not have to worry about this best sticker printer machine losing its charge because it comes with an AC adapter or you are able to use batteries if needed too!

Can cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric up to 12 inches wide
comes with an AC adapter
Automatic paper positioning & HD Print

The Brother ScanNCut SDX125E is a revolutionary electronic cutting machine that allows you to cut and create precise shapes with ease. With a built-in scanner, this machine can automatically detect the colour of the material and then match it with the design on your computer screen. It has an automatic paper positioning feature and also comes with a USB cable for easy connection to your computer. The Brother ScanNCut SDX125E’s compact size makes it ideal for small spaces or even travel use.

Unique Feature:

  • The Brother ScanNCut is the first and only cutting machine that also has built-in scanning capability. This allows you to convert your drawings into cut files, precisely place designs without needing blocks for measuring tape or other tools – it’s all done digitally!
  • Automatic paper positioning help to create the beautiful craft and stickers.

✅ High-quality Print
✅ Automatic paper positioning;
✅ Built Scanner
✅ Create Custom Stickers & Vinyl Wall Art
❌ Good quality print but it is expensive

FAQs- Professional Sticker Printer Machine

How Can I Create Stickers at Home?

Stickers are great for embellishing greeting cards, scrapbooks, and all kinds of projects that you want to add a special personal touch to. Although stickers can be purchased in stores, you don’t always find just the right ones. Nowadays, you can make stickers using a sticker printer machine.

Many people make their own stickers at home by using self-adhesive labels. These are rectangular paper or plastic sheet that have glue on one side so that they can stick onto other surfaces.

which way do you put sticker paper in the printer?

Sticker paper printing is similar to any other type of colour printer in use today. The paper goes through the machine in one direction. If your chosen design for your custom stickers requires cut lines, you will need to print on both sides of the sheet of paper using one side as your master copy. This way when you place the sheet against another blank sheet, not only does it give you an idea of where to cut out each sticker but also prints on the second sheet so you have a complete set of stickers from one print job.

What equipment do I need to print stickers?

The equipment needed depends on the size of your sticker sheets and which printing method you wish to use. For stickers up to 5″x7″, a home printer will work fine. Even an inkjet printer will do, as long as it can print sticker paper properly (the ink doesn’t bleed through). A laser printer is not recommended for this type of application since toner transfers poorly onto self-adhesive vinyl.

Can you use normal printers to print stickers?

You are probably wondering how to print stickers at home. If you don’t have a sticker printer machine, a better solution is ordinary colour laser printers that use toner transfer paper. Toner transfer paper allows you to create high quality, durable custom stickers with almost any colour laser printer.



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