How to secure your wireless home network

How to secure your wireless home network

Tip: Best option for securing wireless network is to apply MAC filtering 

How to block hackers on wireless home network:

Wireless networks are the best option for home network because of its ease of installation and relatively low cost. While a wireless network allows sharing of resources and Internet connectivity easy, it also introduces a number of security risks. Hackers driving through neighborhoods, looking for unsecured wireless networks that can exploit both for fun or profit. Most routers have features that allow you to block these hackers from the wireless network. In this article we will see you that how we can secure our wireless network with available resources.


  • Enable WPA or WPA2 encryption on your wireless router. If the current router does not support the latest encryption standards then update your router to obtain the maximum level of security. Some older computers and operating systems do not support WPA or WPA – 2 native, but can still connect to a WPA router. If you need to resize the level of protection and use WEP encryption, make sure you use a keyword phrase at least eight characters when you create the encryption key. This provides reasonable security with the standard weaker.

WPA on wireless router

  • Change the wireless router’s administrative ID and password from the default settings, which are typically “admin” and “password” respectively. These default settings are known to hackers and available on the website of the manufacturer of the router. Make the settings are difficult to guess and not easily linked to you., for example don’t use your phone# as password..

wireless router user password

  • MAC filtering is the one of the best security setting for your wireless router, turn on the wireless MAC address filtering on the router. A MAC address is the hardware address of the network interface in a real computer. With the construction of a table of accepted MAC addresses in your router, it will respond only to requests interfaces in the table. Only this step will keep most hackers out of your network, as only the most skilled are able to simulate a broadcast MAC address.

mac filtering on wirele

  • Hide or disable SSID, SSID is the network name that you see when you view available networks. Drive-by hackers do not see a network name, only an unidentified network. The less information to the hackers, the harder it is for him to find a gap in the wireless home network. If you need to pass your Network ID, change to a name that is not easily connected with you or your home. “wireless10Net” is much better and more obscure “john”.

hide ssid on wireless router

Disable remote administration of your wireless router so that hackers cannot break through a wireless connection. Run the configuration only via wired LAN port on the router to ensure maximum security configuration. If a hacker gets administrative access to the router, he can easily get access to all computers on the network.

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