wordpress uploading error

Fixed: WordPress Uploading HTTP Error while uploading files

Fixed: WordPress Uploading HTTP Error while uploading files

Typical ” WordPress ” error when we try to upload the files to our multimedia library. If you use a ” fpt ” client to upload it to the server it will work perfectly copying the route. After several tests looking on the internet and also talking to my provider of ” hosting “, trying configurations of the ” htcacces ” and looking at the folder permissions etcI did not get anything. He kept giving me an HTTP error when uploading files. Even taking in the ” php.ini “The maximum file load and limits along with the memory allocated by the server up to 128Mb. All those values ​​were correct.

wordpress uploading error

There are few ways of resolution for this issue:

  • You can solved this problem from settings for ” wordpress – permalinks -“ and select the ” permalinks ” of ” postname “. We give you to save and go. If you have another configuration instead of ” postname ” you have a date or something else, it does not matter, giving it to save changes is enough.

http error wordpress

  •  A refresh of that value is made and the upload of files starts to work again.
  • Some times this issue is resolved by closing your web browser and then reopen it.

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