What is Zoho | Cloud computing with Zoho:

What is zoho?

In cloud computing Zoho is a great application and is software as a service, which is providing you more than 25 online applications like word processor, presentation and email.

Zoho Cloud Computing

Zoho have following famous cloud computing services:

Zoho Mail:

Provide you all basic email features. By using Zoho Mail you only can create zoho email address but also add you domain with Zoho and can create emails under your domain like Google Apps.

 Zoho Docs:

Providing a lot of space for individual user, also providing many attractive features like presentation writer with easy user interface. Here you can share you documents to other user and other user can also rate and edit your documents. Using admin console you can add different users and domain. You can add user via .CVS file or from LDAP. Polices can also be implemented on users for better management. Zoho docs also provide you a cool security feature of IP filtering, you can allow your interested IPs and can block all other IPs.

Zoho Writer:

Zoho writer provides you online word processor software with some good features. It provides you auto save features, formatting options with famous font and with basic features. You can insert pictures, symbols, links etc.  Also provide you many sharing features like you can share your document with other people in your organization, also publish your article to blog directly.

Zoho sheet:

Zoho Sheet allows you to create, work and edit spreadsheets in the same way that Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc, but in the cloud, without having to install any software. These spreadsheets generated from Zoho Sheet can be opened from any browser, including Google Chrome, Safari and Opera and Mozilla Firefox. One of great feature of Zoho sheet is that any sheet generated from Excel or Calc , can be edited in Zoho Sheet .

 Zoho show:

Zoho show is power point on the web. You can create presentation online using Zoho show.  Also it is providing you many online beautiful templates for presentation. You can start from template and modify and add slide according your desire. You can use timer, footer and actions for creating animated presentation online. After finishing presentation you can check and play online slideshow.

Zoho creator:

Zoho Creator is a system for creating relational databases online. They are really simple databases that can be easily set up, but with the advantage that they are in the cloud and therefore accessible from any point where a user is located and they are totally collaborative.

Zoho CRM:

Provide you the CRM solution.

Zoho Recurite:

Allow you recruit employee for your company

 Setting up Zoho:

Start with Zoho is very simple and straight forward, just sign up on Zoho website select your package. Even you can start with free version which also providing very good features to an individual. You can easily navigate among the different Zoho application.

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