Home folder could not be created Active Directory | Fixed

While selecting the home folder or network drive for an active directory user you may get this error message. “The home folder could not be created because the network name cannot be found”

the home folder could not be created because the network name cannot be found

Reasons of this Error:

Normally this error is because of two reasons:

  1. The folder that you set for home folder is not shared or you don’t assign the full permission to users on that folder.
  2. You may be typing the wrong server name in path field.

So here are two solutions or fixes for this issue.

First check the folder you selected for Home Folder should be shared, in case of windows server 2000 or 2003 the home folder should be part of NTSF drive. For folder sharing right click on folder and then click on properties. Click on advance sharing from sharing tab.

Home Folder Sharing

Now click on “share this folder” checkbox and mark this checkbox as checked.

Advance sharing and permission 2008

And now click on permissions and assign the full permissions to everyone and click on apply to save the settings.

NTSF file permissions set full control

The second thing that you need to make sure that you are typing the Home Folder path for active directory user is correct. The syntax for home folder is as follow:

servershared folder%username%



Server:  name of system where you have the shared folder some time you may trying the domain name. I suggest writing the IP of the system to avoid any confusion.

Shared folder: here you need to type the name of shared folder, this is the place where you want to save the users network-drives. You can save this folder

%username%: is representing the user name.

How to set home folder path

For example you can see the above figure where I typed the IP of my system i.e. and Home folder is the name of my shared folder on Suppose your shared folder name is “user drives” then this path will be like this: serveruser drives%username%.

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