Features and Advantages of Cloud Computing

Features and Advantages of Cloud Computing

Definition of cloud computing:

Cloud computing provides you the on demand network access to different shared resources computing resources like servers, storage, application software and services that can be easily access with minimal effort. Most of times you can access different network services with single web Browser.

Benefits of Cloud Computing:

“Cloud computing has changed the rules of the game between the companies expanding their services using cloud computing.”

In recent years cloud computing services has growing continuously. Google has been one of the strongest company have providing a large range of cloud services, spearheaded Gmail, and a long list of solutions around covering virtually all areas (Maps, Reader, News, storage etc.).

Microsoft , the other large consumer market, has also invested heavily in the full range of services and providing cloud computing services. Using Windows Azure, you can rapidly configure, organize and can manage applications very easily, you can run your sites, virtual machines, mobile services and other cloud services using Windows Azure.

advantages of cloud

Similarly there are other famous companies who are providing cloud services, all of these have some common features and advantages that are listed as follow:

 1. Cloud Computing Services Provide you a Quick Start:

Cloud Computing really easy for emerging businesses, because it can help you to use very little money and you can grow your businessplan very quickly. For services and database software more complex, cloud computing allows skipping the phase acquisition hardware and the associated cost, making it perfect for business creation. In cloud computing you just sign up on some service provider web, pay them according to services and start using these services very quickly. On the other hand if you want to build your own network, you have to do planning, designing and implementation steps which required more time.

2. Cloud Computing has Genuine and updated services:


Most providers constantly update their software, adding new features as they become available. In many cases you don’t need to purchase the software licenses for different users like in real world, you just pay for the cloud services and could provider make available your software and services available for you.

3. Cloud computing services are Elastic

: Cloud Computing services are flexible and updated. Cloud services are rapidly growing with market demands.  Also has the ability to handle your workload.

4. Cloud services are Mobile and remotely accessible

: The cloud system is designed to be used remotely, so the staff of the company can access their cloud computing services from anywhere and using any device like PC, mobile phone or tablet at any time.

5. Cloud Services are Economical:

The vendor offers multiple services to companies, which benefit from sharing a complex modern infrastructure, paying only for what they actually use, and eliminating unnecessary expenditure on infrastructure.Cloud computing services can help businesses and capital transfers to operating expenses, especially in the critical moment of life and death. Also in some case you don’t need to have some professional staff for your services. For example you are running email services on exchange server for your company which requires you some Network engineer who can handle your exchange server. On the other hand using cloud email services which has very easy interface, don’t need you to have technical staff for email service.

6. Pooling of resources

You can access multiple cloud computing services at one place. The pooling of resources helps to optimize resources and, ultimately, higher efficiency, higher utilization, and lower costs.

7. Cloud Computing had Continuous availability

Cloud services have unlimited expansion capabilities. Customers can use these cloud services as much as possible in accordance with the demand, use, or as little service.

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