DTE and DCE Data Terminal Equipment vs data communications equipment

DTE and DCE are the devices/technology which are used to connect the two end of a network or two network device with serial link.

What is DTE?

DTE “Data Terminal Equipment ( DTE ), “the acronym, with some data processing and data transmission capability of the device.
DTE is used to provide or receive data, normally connected to the network client machine, mainly computer and terminal equipment . DTE to provide or receive data, is connected to the modem on the computer is a DTE. V.24 serial port (pin 25) is generally specified by the first two DTE pin as the TXD (transmit data line), the first pin 3 is RXD (receive data lines), (the remainder of pin: 7 is signal ground, 4 is DTS, 5 is the RTS, 6 is DTR, 8 is DCD, and includes a transmit clock, receive clock and so on, have set specific pins).

What is DCE?

Opposite side of DTE is DCE, DCE is the service end use of equipment, but the configuration clock and bandwidth. DTE and DCE distinction in fact only for the serial port , the router is usually connected to a wide area network via the serial port.


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