TP-link Archer AX90 AX6600 Review – Long Range Router

TP-link Archer AX90 AX6600 Review – Long Range Router

You’re probably reading this because you’re in the market for a new wifi router and want to ensure you get one. We can guarantee you that the Archer AX90 from TP-Link is among the top available routers. The best one for your needs. Well, we can assure you that the TP-Link Archer AX90 is one of the best routers on the market. It offers powerful Tri-Band wifi, more reliable coverage, superior processing, advanced security features, and easy setup. Plus, it’s universally compatible with different OS and service providers.

So if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line wifi router that will give you the best possible connection and speeds, the TP-Link Archer AX90 is a great option. Let’s take an in-depth look at some of its functions.

The TP-link Archer AX90, AX6600 is a tri-band wireless 6 router that can connect additional devices without sacrificing speed. It also has more reliable coverage and superior processing. Plus, it’s universally compatible and easy to set up!

What’s in the box

  • A wifi Router Archer AX90
  • An Ethernet Cable (RJ45 )
  • Power Adapter
  • Fast Speed and long range
  • Convenient network storage feature
  • Advanced security features
  • Fast and reliable
  • Can handle a lot of traffic
  • Sometimes it gets Hot!
  • A bit difficult to configure.

✅ Support More Devices without losing speed
✅ Powerful Tri-Band WiFi 6
✅ More Reliable Coverage
✅ Ultra-Connectivity
✅ Superior Processing


✅ Advanced Security
✅✅ OneMesh
✅ Universally Compatible
✅✅✅ Easy Setup
✅ Parental Controls

About the Brand

The TP-Link story began in 1996 with a vision to provide people worldwide with reliable networking devices and accessories. For over two decades, they have been able to deliver on this promise by constantly evolving their product line based on customer needs and providing value that cannot be matched anywhere else!

The TP-link Archer AX90 is a tri-band wifi router that can provide speeds up to 4,804 Mbps. That’s enough speed to support even the most demanding online activities like 4K streaming, gaming, and video conferencing. The Archer AX90 is also equipped with MU-MIMO technology that lets it join more devices without losing speed or reliability. One of the more striking features of The Archer AX90 is its coverage. With eight high-performance antennas and support for beamforming, the Archer AX90 can provide a strong and reliable signal even in large homes or offices.

Another great feature of the Archer AX90 is its compatibility with the TP-link OneMesh system. OneMesh is a system that allows you to extend your wifi network using compatible TP-link products. You can do it quickly if you want to increase your WiFi coverage.

The Archer AX90 also has several advanced security features to protect your network from potential threats. They also have an inbuilt firewall, an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), and encryption.

Physical Impressions:

Unique Design with a lot of antennas

Not every day do you come across a wifi router with as many antennas as the TP-link Archer AX90. The tri-band router comes with eight antennas, which is more than most routers on the market. And what’s even better, these antennas are designed to provide superior coverage in large homes or offices. So if you’re looking for a router that can handle even the most demanding network needs, the Archer AX90 is worth considering.

A decent number of LAN & WAN ports

As a tech-savvy individual, I appreciate routers with many LAN & WAN ports, which allow me to connect more devices without purchasing a separate switch. And the TP-link Archer AX90 does not disappoint in this regard. It has a total of four LAN ports and one WAN port.

USB Slots

The TP-Link Archer AX90 comes with two USB slots. This lets you connect storage devices, printers, and other peripherals to the router. And if you’re using a USB 3.0 device, you’ll be able to benefit from ultra-fast data transfer speeds.

Tri-band design

I was really impressed with the tri-band Design of the TP-link Archer AX90 wifi 6 router. This Design delivers fast speeds that are perfect for 4K streaming, gaming, and video conferencing. The Archer AX90 is capable of reaching speeds of up to 6.6GB.


The TP-Link Archer AX90 is a powerful and feature-rich wifi 6 router that offers excellent speeds, range, and compatibility. It’s easy to set up and use and has various advanced security features. Plus, it supports parental controls so you can keep your kids safe online. If you’re searching for an ultra-modern wifi router, the TP-Link Archer AX90 is an excellent alternative.

TP-Link AX6600 WiFi 6 Router features

Support Multiple Devices

With MU-MIMO technology, the TP-Link Archer AX90 can handle multiple devices simultaneously without slowing down your connection. So whether you’re streaming 4K video, gaming online, or working from home, you’ll be able to do it all without lag or buffering.

Tri-Band wifi 6

This wifi router supports the wifi 6, and it uses the OFDMA and MU-MIMO to allocate the wifi bandwidth to more devices, and all devices can send and receive the data at the same time. It is an advanced technology which provides 4x fast speed. The TP-Link Archer AX90 uses the latest 802.11ax standard to deliver incredibly fast speeds of up to 5952 Mbps. Using such fast speed, you can stream 4k videos, play online games and do video conferences without any lag. That’s enough power to connect more than 100 devices simultaneously without sacrificing speed or performance.

Long Coverage

The TP-Link Archer AX90 offers a great range and coverage with its eight antennae. Wherever you are working or at home, you can remain connected at any time.

Reliable Coverage

Thanks to its advanced Beamforming+ technology, the TP-Link Archer AX90 gives you a more reliable connection at a broader range. You will benefit from fast internet speed and stable coverage regardless of location, office, or home.


The TP-Link Archer AX90 has various ports and connectors to give you ultimate flexibility. It has six Gigabit Ethernet ports, two USB 3.0 ports, and one 2.5Gbps WAN port. The Archer AX90 supports both 5GHz  & 2.4GHz frequencies.

TP-Link AX6600 Tri Band 8-Stream Gigabit Router

High Specs

The 1.8GHz quad-core processor and 1GB RAM TP-Link Archer AX90 can handle the most challenging tasks. So whether you’re streaming HD video or gaming online, you’ll be able to do it without lag or buffering.


With OneMesh™ technology, the TP-Link Archer AX90 can be used with other OneMesh™ products to create a seamless mesh network.

Advanced Security

The Archer AX90 of TP-Link comes with a range of advanced security features to help keep your connection secure. It has WPA3 encryption, a firewall, and an SPI anti-virus protection. Plus, it supports parental controls so you can keep your kids safe online.

Universally Compatible

Whether you’re using a PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, or even a smart TV, you’ll be able to connect without any problems.

Easy Setup

The TP-Link Archer AX90 is easy to set up and use. With the Quick Start guide that comes with the router, you’ll have your router up and running in no time.  The user-friendly interface makes it easy to control your connection and configures it.

Parental Controls

With parental controls, you can keep your kids safe online. With the TP-Link Archer AX90, you can block specific websites, set limits on their internet usage, and more.

the TP-Archer Link’s AX90 (AX6600) is equipped with the “TP-link advanced Homeshied,” It comes with the most advanced security features, ensuring an environment safe that safeguards your data and family members as well as privacy.

I first heard about the TP-link Archer AX90 when looking for a new wifi router, and then I came across the TP-link Archer AX6600. After the research found that it was a powerful tri-band wifi 6 router that could reach speeds of up to 5952 Mbps. Thanks to its eight antennae, I also liked its wide range and coverage. Easy to set up and advanced security features to provide a safe internet connection. Overall, the TP-link Archer AX6600 is a great option, and I would highly recommend those who are looking to purchase a new wifi router.


Wifi 6
Fast Speed
High Coverage
Advance Security Features


System Requirements

To use the TP-Link Archer AX90, you’ll need a computer with a wired or wireless connection. The minimum system requirements are:

  •  A broadband Internet connection
  •  A router with an available Ethernet port
  •  A computer with an available Ethernet port
  •  A web browser such as Safari, Firefox, or Chrome

The TP-Link Archer AX90 is a sleek and thin wifi router that’s smaller than I expected. It is minimalist in design and is available in black and white.

When I first got the TP-Link Archer AX6600, I was impressed with the number of antennas. This router comes with 8 antennas, more than most routers on the market. I am also impressed by its speed. This tri-band wifi 6 router can achieve speeds up to 5952 Mbps. I tested the speed of this router, and it was incredibly fast. I was able to download a 1 GB file in just 30 seconds.

One of the things that I enjoy about this router is its storage network feature. With this feature, you can connect a USB 3.0 hard drive to the router and use it to store files. This is an excellent option for those with many files to keep and share.

If you are looking for a quality wifi router priced less than $300, the TP-link Archer AX90 is a great option. For a wifi router under $150 you can visit here. This router offers tri-band wifi, which means it can handle more devices without losing speed. Based on my experience, I must say it good choice than Netgear and Linksys. Netgear AX5400 and Netgear orbi ax4200 are the competitors, but this router is far better. You can have better features in this price range.

The TP-Link Archer AX90 is a great choice for a quality wifi router.

Some people had trouble setting up the TP-link Archer AX90 AX6600 wifi router on their MacMini. The router also runs hot; some were disappointed with the parental controls. Overall, however, people were pleased with the performance of the TP-link Archer AX90 AX6600 wifi router. It is a fast and reliable router that can handle much traffic.

A Suggestion

After installing the latest firmware, I suspected my AX6600 router settings might be messed up. Resetting the router is always a good idea, especially if experiencing some unexpected errors. This will help eliminate any problems with your device and improve its performance in general!

Final Words: 

Regarding routers, the TP-Archer Link’s AX90 (AX6600) wireless router will increase your home’s coverage and speed. To get more out of this device, you must create an account with them but once set up, and everything is easy enough for any beginner who doesn’t have much experience in networking matters or technology! You can also purchase a basic security package, which includes most features needed by people without electronics, so they’re good if that sounds right down her alley, too – even though there are cheaper options available on Amazon prime shipping now.

If you’re searching for a highly reliable and powerful wifi router, then the TP-Link Archer AX90 AX6600 is an excellent choice. It offers tri-band wifi, which can handle more traffic than a standard dual-band router. It also has advanced security features and is universally compatible. The main issue is that it is difficult to set up with some devices. Overall it has some great features and is a fast, reliable router. And it can be an excellent choice for a budget under $300. Overall, I’m delighted with the TP-link Archer AX6600 and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new Wi-Fi router.

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