What is a spyware?

What is a spyware?

Computer spyware:

Spyware is a spy software who, without your knowledge, can recover data on your PC and monitor your internet activity, including what is typed on your keyboard.  Presence of spyware can cause serious technical damage: the “crashes” to repeat your computer with data loss, system slowdowns, or opening security holes on your computer.


How Spyware are enter into your Cpmputer?

  • A website is accessed, “cookies” can be installed on the computer
  • Free software is downloaded from specious website
  • Exchanges and sharing of files MP3, DivX with Other users on internet


How you can find that you are attacked by spyware?

The most common symptoms demonstrating the presence of spyware on a computer is:

  • Usual or Unwanted changes  of the home page or search engine
  • The installation of new “toolbar” toolbar navigation, instead of the original
  • The insertion of a new icon in the bottom of the screen next to the time – the regular appearance of “pop-up” (pop) to Navigation wire
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