Buying Guide: Best Cooling Pad for Razer Blade 15

Buying Guide: Best Cooling Pad for Razer Blade 15

Are you looking for the best cooling pad for the Razer Blade 15? If so, then this is the right article to read. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about cooling pads and why they are necessary for gaming laptop like the Razer-Blade. 

Best Cooling Pad for Razer Blade 15

The Razer Blade is a popular gaming laptop that can get quite hot when used, and this can cause the laptop to overheat and eventually damage the hardware. For many gaming enthusiasts and professionals, it is widely considered to be one of the best laptops on the market today. However, with its powerful hardware and high-end specs comes increased heat generation, which can cause performance issues and even damage your system if left unchecked. A cooling stand can help to keep the laptop from overheating by providing additional airflow.

Cooling pads are a gadget which helps cool the laptop through circulating air. It is important to use a Cooler pad if you plan on using your laptop for gaming or other intensive activities, as overheating can damage the internal components of your computer.

Does the Razer Blade have good cooling?

The Razer Blade is a popular gaming laptop that can get quite hot when in use, and this is because it features a high-end graphics card and other powerful components. Fortunately, this machine has an excellent built-in cooling system that keeps it relatively cool during gameplay. However, if you want to ensure that your Razer-Blade stays cool, you may want to consider using a Cooler pad.

Why are cooling pads necessary?

Cooling pads are necessary for gaming laptop because they help dissipate heat away from the components. This is essential as it prolongs the life of your laptop and also prevent overheating. Additionally, Cooler pads can help improve your laptop’s performance by keeping it cooler during intense gaming sessions.

How much should you expect to pay for a good quality cooling pad?

Based upon your spending budget as well as requirements There are many kinds of cooling stands on your Razer Blade 15.  At the lower end of the price spectrum, you can find basic models starting at around $25; however, if you are looking for more premium features such as customizable lighting and higher fan speeds, expect to pay closer to $50 or more. Ultimately, choosing the best cooling stands depends on your individual needs and preferences.

Best Cooler stands For Razer Blade 15:

A cooling pad is a device that is used to cool a computer, laptop or other electronic device. The main purpose of using a Cooler pad is to keep the device’s internal temperature low, preventing it from overheating. Following are our top picks for best laptop cooling pads:

Image Product Features Price
TopMate C11 Laptop Cooling Pad TopMate C11 Cooling stand 

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havit HV-F2056 Cooling Pad havit HV-F2056 Cooler Pad

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Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad Kootek Laptop Cooler Pad

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Thermaltake Cooling Pad Thermaltake Cooling Pad

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KLIM Glacier Cooling Stand KLIM Glacier Cooling Stand

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Aluminum Laptop Cooling Pad Aluminum Laptop Cooling Pad

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AFMAT Cooling Pad AFMAT Cooler Pad

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cooler Master NotePal X3 cooler Master NotePal X3

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1. TopMate C11 Cooling Pad

Are you looking for a Cooler pad to keep your Razer Blade 15 running cool? The TopMate C11 Laptop Pad is perfect for gamers who want to keep their laptop running cool. It comes with 7 RGB gaming lighting and 6 adjustable laptop quiet fans to help minimize your laptop’s temperature.

You’ll also appreciate the attached phone holder, which is excellent for keeping your phone close by while you’re gaming. Moreover, It comes with 5 heights adjustable to select from in order to find the most comfortable posture. And if that’s not enough, the button controls make it easy to handle its cooling fan and power settings. Finally, the USB ports let you connect to other devices easily.

Conviction: So, if you’re looking for a cooling stand that can keep your laptop running cool, the TopMate C11 Cooler Pad is the best option. It’s ideal for gamers that want for their computers to stay cool when playing. Additionally is packed complete with every feature you’ll need to ensure that your laptop is cool.

Perfect Cooling Pad with RGB Gaming light
6 Quiet Fans For perfect Cooling
Phone Holder
5 Heights Adjustment Position

Reasons To Buy:
✅ Keep your Razer-Blade 15 running cooler.
✅ 6 adjustable fan speeds to choose from.
✅ Comes with a phone holder for hands-free use.
✅ Button controls for easy operation.
✅ USB ports are available for connecting other devices.
✅ Feel confident that your machine is being well taken care of.
✅ Enjoy the gaming experience knowing that your laptop is staying cool.
Reasons To Ignore:
❌ A little noisy
❌Few customers are not happy with it build quality

2. Havit HV-F2056 Cooling Stand

Gamers need to be able to play their games without worrying about their laptop overheating and crashing. Havit HV-F2056 Cooling stand is the perfect solution. This Cooler pad has three fans for excellent cooling, plus it’s portable and lightweight, so you can take it with you wherever you go. It also has a built-in dual-USB hub to connect different devices and an LED indicator light, so you know when the fans are on. Plus, there are two different height positions to choose from, depending on your preference. The best part? It is easy to use and comes with a plug-and-play feature, so you can start gaming as soon as you set it up.

Supports 15.6 to 17 inches Laptops
Laptop is equiped with 4 Quiet Fans
Widely Compatible with MacBook, Dell, Alienware, ThinkPad, Lenovo, HP, ASUS, Laptops
Ergonomic Design Cooling Pad

So if you’re looking for the best cooling pad for your Razer Blade 15, look no further than the havit HV-F2056 Cooler Pad. With its premium design and top-notch performance, this is sure to keep your laptop running cool and smooth.

Reasons To Buy:
✅ Three fans for perfect cooling.
✅ Portable and lightweight.
✅ The built-in dual USB hub allows extra USB connections.
✅ LED indicator light with FANs.
✅ Two different height positions.
Reasons To Ignore:
The height adjustment options are a bit limited.

3. Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad

Gamers who want to keep their computer running cool! Kootek has the best Cooler pad for your needs. Six adjustable height positions, two USB ports, and two switch buttons make it perfect for any gamer. The two stoppers on the front of the surface stop your laptop from falling off, and five quiet fans produce the noise-free & powerful cooling you need to keep playing those long hours. Whether your laptop is 12 inches or 17 inches in size, this Cooler pad will fit comfortably.

Don’t let your gaming laptop overheat – get a Kootek Cooler stand today! Designed specifically to work with the Razer-Blade 15, this Cooler pad will keep your system running smoothly and help you stay ahead of the competition.

12 to 17 Inches Laptop Cooler Pad
5 powerful and Quiet Fans to distribute the COoling
USB COnnections &  6 Adjustable Height
Two stoppers to prevent laptop from falling off

Reasons To Buy:
✅ Keep your laptop running cooler and quieter.
✅ Protect your expensive laptop from overheating.
✅ 6 adjustable heights to choose the optimal comfort position.
✅ 2 USB ports to connect additional devices.
✅ 5 quiet fans for whisper-quiet operation.
Reasons To Ignore:
❌ The Kootek Cooler Pad is not as stylish as some of the other pads on the market.
❌ Few customers belives that its cooling is not so effective.

4. Thermaltake Massive Cooling Stand

Those who are a gaming enthusiast and you’re aware of how crucial that your computer stays cool. If the laptop becomes overheated, it may result in the computer to become slow or even be unable to function properly.The Thermaltake massive Cooler Pad is the best solution for gamers looking for your Razer-Blade running at peak performance.

It features a 200mm fan for ideal cooling and supreme ventilation. It also has a built-in control panel to adjust the lights and fan speed. Plus, it’s made of mesh and plastic material for superior durability. And best of all, it supports 10 to 19-inch laptops.

Support 19 Inches Laptops
Beautiful 20 RGB Steel Mesh Panel 
Powerful Single 200mm Fan for strong Cooling
Material of Cooler stand: Steel Mesh + Plastic


The Thermaltake Massive Cooler Pad is the best way to keep your laptop running cool and performing at its best.

Reasons To Buy:
✅ Keep your laptop running cooler while gaming.
✅ RGB lighting for added style.
✅ It has three adjustable height positions
✅ Supports Larger Laptops upto 19 Inch
✅ Feel like a pro gamer while using your laptop
Reasons To Ignore:
❌ Very loud
❌ Only one Fan for Cooling

5. KLIM Glacier Laptop Cooler stand

Gaming laptop tend to run hot, and the Razer Blade is no exception. If you aren’t wanting your laptop to overheat and harm its internal components, you’ll need an effective cooling stand. A KLIM Glacier Pad is the perfect option for those who wish for their laptop cool.

This pad has six fans that can keep your laptop cool even under heavy use, and it comes with RGB backlighting so you can customize the look of your desk. Moreover, it’s adjustable in height, so you can choose the ideal angle to be comfortable when typing and gaming. Whether you’re looking for the best cooling pad for your Razer-Blade 15 or any other gaming laptop, the KLIM Glacier is sure to be a great choice.

Perfect RGB Lighting
Best for 11 17.3 inch
Most suitable for Stable & Silent


Reasons To Buy:
✅ Keep your laptop running cooler while gaming.
✅ RGB lighting looks cool and can be customized.
✅ Six fans provide ample cooling power.
✅ Height adjustment allows you to find the perfect angle for gaming or typing.
✅ Look cool with the RGB lighting on your desk.
Reasons To Ignore:
❌ build quality is not so great

6. Aluminum Laptop Cooling Pad

If you don’t want to damage your expensive investment, it’s important to find a way to cool it down.

An aluminium laptop cooling stand is the perfect solution for gamers who want to keep their laptop running at its best. This pad has an aluminium faceplate that supplies optimal airflow, an air mesh cushioned base, and a USB cooling fan. It also has an ergonomic multi-angle tilted design that allows you to game in comfort. And if you need to take a break, the detachable tablet stand lets you prop up your Blade for easy viewing.

This  pad is also great for general use, as it supports laptops up to 17 inches. Whether gaming or working, this Cooler pad will help keep your PC running cool and performing at its best.

Aluminum Laptop Cooling Pad
SIIG Ergonomic Multi-Angle Tilted Laptop Lap


The inbuilt USB Power cord includes charging the Cooler pad using an accessible USB port on your laptop. There is no power adapter required. When you use the 17″ laptop, you’ll experience a 3/4″ overhang on the other side, but you’ll not worry about it. This cooling stand will stay completely in place and is at a comfortable angle.

Reasons To Buy:
✅ Air Mesh Cushioned Base USB Cooling Fan
✅ It keeps your laptop running cooler, extending its lifespan.
✅ Reduces fan noise and heat exhaust from your laptop.
✅ Supports upto 17-inch laptops
✅ Lowers the risk of hardware failure.
✅ It allows you to work on your laptop for longer periods without it overheating.
Reasons To Ignore:
❌ A little Expensive
❌ The fan isn’t the most powerful

7. AFMAT Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

Are you tired of your laptop overheating during gaming sessions? AFMAT has the perfect solution. This cooler is designed to dissipate heat quickly and keep your laptop running at optimal temperatures, even under heavy use.

At 4500 RPM, the powerful fan provides fast heat dissipation, ensuring that your laptop stays cool no matter how intense your gaming sessions get. It’s also portable and features colourful lights to add a little extra style to your gaming setup. And with an adjustable mount stand and three gears of speed adjustment, it can be easily customized for maximum comfort. Plus, you won’t have to worry about dust buildup or accidental falls damaging your system, thanks to its air filters and anti-fall baffles.

The best part is that it comes in various colours so that you can match it to your style. It’s also very portable, so you can take it wherever you go. And if that wasn’t enough, it also has an adjustable mount stand and anti-fall baffles to keep your laptop safe.

4500RPM Powerful Laptop Cooler Pad 
3-Gear Fan Speed 
Seven Adjustable Bracket Heights
Perfect cooling pad for Heat & Dust


Purchase the AFMAT Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad today! It’s a good investment Your laptop is sure to keep cool even in even the most strenuous gaming session.

Reasons To Buy:
✅ The adjustable mount stand means you can find the perfect angle for the best cooling performance.
✅ Three gears of speed adjustable let you customize the cooling power to your needs.
✅ Seven Adjustable Bracket Heights position gives you plenty of options to find the best fit.
✅ Free of Dust Issues means you won’t have to worry about dust clogging up your fan.
✅ Suitable laptop size: 14-17.3 inches lets you use this cooling pad with various laptops.
Reasons To Ignore:
❌ It is quite noisy & Expensive

8. Cooler Master NotePal X3 Laptop Cooling Pad

A quality cooling pad will maintain your laptop operating cool, and to its fullest. A Cooler Master X3 Laptop Cooling Pad is the ideal way to ensure that your laptop cool. It features a single 200mm fan that provides perfect cooling for your laptop. It also has front vents that provide better airflow and a built-in fan speed controller to customize the cooling experience. Moreover, it comes with high-grade glossy UV coatings that look great and help protect your laptop from scratches. Best of all, it supports laptops up to 17 inches in size.

Comes with siggle 200mm Blue LED Fan for powerful cooling
Best for laptops from 15 inch and 17 inch 
COmes with fan speed controller
Two different height Position 


You’ll never have to worry about your laptop overheating again with the Cooler Master NotePal X3 Laptop Cooler Pad. It has single fans to help dissipate heat quickly, and it’s lightweight and slim enough to take with you on the go. In addition, it features an integrated cable management system to keep cables neat and organized. So if you’re looking for an affordable way to keep your laptop running at its best, the Cooler Master NotePal X3 is worth considering.

Reasons To Buy:
✅ Fan speeds can be controlled to match your needs.
✅ Two different height positions for added comfort.
✅ Protect your expensive gaming laptop from damage.
✅ Feel the satisfaction of knowing that you have the best cooling stand for your device.
Reasons To Ignore:
❌ Not flexible with Two different height

How to choose the best cooling stand for the Razer-Blade 15?

When shopping for a cooling stand for the Razer Blade 15, several important factors are to consider. These include the size, shape of your laptop, the types, and the number of fans included with the pad. Additionally, you will want to look for a model that provides convenient features like adjustable fan speed, and a built-in LED light, which can help further improve performance and usability.

When choosing a cooler pad for the Razer Blade 15, there are several things you need to take into account:

  1. It would help make sure that it is compatible with the Razer-Blade.
  2. You need to consider the size of the cooling stand and make sure it will fit comfortably on your lap.
  3. Some Cooler pads have built-in fans, while others rely on thermal conductivity to dissipate heat.
  4. The material of the Cooler pad can affect its durability and heat dissipation.
  5. It is important to consider your budget when choosing a cooler pad for your laptop .

FAQs- Cooling Pad for the Razer Blade Laptop

How do I cool down my Razer-Blade 15?

You can cool the Razer Blade 15 by using a cooler pad. It can help reduce the heat produced by laptops and also prevents it from becoming overheated. It is important to choose a pad specifically designed for the laptop , as not all cooling pads will fit this laptop model. Also, think about the dimensions of your Cooler stand as well as the quantity and type of fans you will find. Some Cooler stand also come with additional LED lights or USB ports.

What is the most effective cooling pad?

The most effective Cooler stand for the laptop is the TopMate C11 Laptop Pad & Cooler Master Notepal X3. These Cooler stands have three to six fans designed to cool down your laptop quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the pad’s design helps to maximize airflow and distribute heat evenly. This pad also has LED lights, allowing you to see the temperature levels at all times easily.
If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, consider the Aicheson Laptop Pad. It features two fans that help to dissipate heat from your laptop quickly and efficiently. Additionally, this is designed with an ergonomic design, making it comfortable to use while gaming or while working on your laptop for extended periods.

How hot does the Razer Blade 15 get?

It depends on the type of work you are doing on the laptop. The Razer Blade 15 can get hot when playing demanding games or running intensive programs, especially if it is not correctly ventilated and cooled down. However, with an excellent Cooler stand explicitly designed for the laptop , you can keep your laptop from overheating and maintain optimal performance even during prolonged use.

Why is my Razer Blade 15 so loud?

There could be several reasons why your laptop is loud. For example, if your laptop has not been adequately ventilated, this can cause the fan to run at a higher speed and make more noise than usual. Additionally, if there is dust or another debris buildup in the vents of your laptop, this can also cause it to overheat and run loudly. Alternatively, if your laptop’s battery is low or if there is a software issue with your fan settings, this can also cause it to make more noise than usual.

If you are experiencing loud and frequent noises from your laptop , it is best to consult with a tech expert or the manufacturer for recommendations to best address the issue. This can help you get your laptop back up and running smoothly, without noisy or unexpected fan activity disrupting your gaming or work sessions.


When it comes to gaming laptops, the Razer Blade is one of the best out there. But with great power comes great heat, and that’s where a good Cooler stand comes in. In this guide, we’ve looked at some of the best cooling pads for the laptop. So if you’re looking to keep your machine running cool while you game, one of these pads will do the trick. That’s why it’s important to choose a quality Cooler pad that will do the job properly.


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