What is Ethernet? Ethernet standards | Advantages of Ethernet

What is Ethernet? Ethernet standards | Advantages of Ethernet

What is Ethernet?

Ethernet technology is used to connect multiple devices, such as computers and printers. It allows all the machines connected to share resources, send and receive files, and access to the same Internet connection. When you connect the various computers at home or in the office together in a network to share an Internet connection or to transfer files, you are using a network technology called Ethernet. The Ethernet protocol has become the dominant technology in the networking world because of its ease of use and availability of equipment compatible cheap.

The data that are being sent over an Ethernet network are divided into small pieces called packets and then sent to the target machine. Ethernet uses an algorithm called “Carrier sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection” to check if one of the data packets collision or was damaged during transmission. If a problem is detected, it stops the package, and then waits until the line is clear before groped to resend. Ethernet technology also allows for virtual local area networks that can be created between computers that are not in the same physical location. Ethernet Support different type of cabling you can learn about Ethernet Cable Types from here.

Different Types of Ethernet standards

  •  10Base –T
  • 1000Base -T
  • 10gBase-SR

The original standard for Ethernet is called 10Base -T and used two strands separate Ethernet cable known as “twisted.” While it is still in use, has been almost completely replaced by fast 100Base – T, which operates at 100 megabits per second. 1000Base -T uses copper cabling instead of the normal Ethernet cable and sends information to 1 gigabit per second. The fastest type is available 10gBase-SR, which uses fiber-optic cable and operates at 10 gigabits per second.

Advantages of Ethernet

  • Ethernet is much more reliable and faster technology to other protocols such as Token Ring because of its advanced collision detection.
  • It ‘also a “plug and play” technology, which means that most of the devices using the Ethernet protocol can simply be connected to a computer and run without installing any additional software.
  • Most computer companies add a connector of the Ethernet cable to the motherboard of your computer so that you do not need to buy and install an Ethernet card manually.


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