Service Oriented Network Architecture | Cisco SONA

Service Oriented Network Architecture | Cisco SONA

What is SONA?

SONA is ongoing architecture framework and it is not a protocol. It is a framework which supports the emerging technologies, IT strategies and emerging initiatives. SONA provides guidance, best practices, and blueprints for connecting network services and applications to enable business solutions.

SONA works as architecture framework and provide the functionality and you get the scalability and then separate the function into layer and components that allow you the expansion of network. SONA provide you the modularity and a hierarchical design that allows for network resources to easy growth. SONA is built for redundancy to prevent network down time and provide the high performance like fast response time, throughput with quality of service on application by application basics. You can configure your SONA-network to maximize throughput of all your applications like voice and video, you can also get manageability, configuration management and fault detection. SONA gives a service-oriented network architecture design of communication networks, a detailed description of the network components and architecture, analysis of next-generation networks/ Internet, and service-oriented network Architecture technology system technical characteristics and limitations, comparing the differences between them and finally, the network test are analyzed.


SONA is three layer models which are as follow:

  • Physical infrastructure
  • Core common services
  • Applications

Physical infrastructure

This is referred to network infrastructure and includes your servers, storage, all of your client and also includes different modular network, enterprise edge, campus network, data center. All these modular network components are the physical infrastructure.

Core common services

Next layer of SONA is core common services which include all your common services including real time services, mobility services, storage services, application delivery, security and management and virtualization technologies.


Then we have the application running at top of SONA, this layer include all types of applications, product life cycle management, customer relationship management, HCM applications, SCM and procurement applications. On application layer we also have things like unified communication applications.

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