BGP Quiz Border Gateway Protocol Questions

BGP Quiz Border Gateway Protocol Questions

BGP  Quiz

Border Gateway Protocol plays a key role in the overall operation of the Internet, you can take the Border Gateway Protocol BGP quiz and test your knowledge about it.

BGP Quiz


Q1:  If the BGP-router was unable to establish a successful TCP session, then it ends up in the ____.

  •  Active state
  •  open state
  •  passive state
  •  none of these

Answer: Active state

Q2:  Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) use the hop-count for shortest path, but hop-count in BGP’s case is a ________

  •  router
  •  AS (Autonomous System)
  •  switch
  •  BGP dont use Hop-count

Answer: AS

Q3:  BGP is technically a distance vector protocol, mostly we call it __________

  •  Path vector protocol
  •  IGP protocol
  •  link-start protocol
  •  dual protocol

Answer: Path vector protocol

Q4:  BGP supports the auto-summary you can disable it by command ________.

  •  No auto-summary
  •  auto-summary
  •  BGP don’t have auto-summary

Answer: No auto-summary

Q5:  Type of BGP\’s messages include:

  1.  Open
  2.  Update
  3.  KeepAlive
  4.  Hello

Answer:  1,2,3

Q6:  “BGP table” contain the list of all ____ whereas routing table has the best path.

  •  static route
  •  IGP routes only
  •  default route
  •  BGP routes

Answer: BGP routes

Q7:  An iBGP normally running within a _______.

  •  AS
  •  multiple AS

Answer: AS

Q8:  BGP runs on the top of TCP port number _____.

  •  169
  •  178
  •  179
  •  1911

Answer: 179

Q9:  BGP’s metric consist of ___ values.

  •  14
  •  16

Answer: 16

Q10:  Some of well known BGP metric’s attributes are ____.

  •  AS-path
  •  next hop-address
  •  load preference
  •  origin

Answer: AS-path

Q12:  You can implement the following type of BGP for your network design: (choose three)

  1.  Partial updates
  2.  Default route
  3.  full updates
  4.  mesh updates

Answer: 1,2,3

Q13:  You can define a BGP neighbor in Cisco with following command:

  1.  Neighbor <AS-ID>
  2.  Neighbor <IP>
  3.  network <Subnet-ID>
  4.  Neighbor <IP> remote AS <AS-number>

Answer: 4

Q14:  BGP “Open” packets (state) _____ the session, same like the hellos in link-state.

  •  Starts
  •  ends
  •  terminate
  •  keep

Answer: Starts

Q15:  BGP is the protocol of internet and it is ___ protocol.

  •  EGP
  •  IGP
  •  FTP
  •  STP

Answer: EGP

Q16:  BGP supports redistribution of other AS-routes.

  •  yes
  •  no


Answer: YEs


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