25 Top Amazon SDET Interview Questions and Answers

25 Top Amazon SDET Interview Questions and Answers

SDET, or Software Development Engineer in Test, is a designation for someone who is an expert in testing software. Amazon SDET Interview Questions are  useful for the IT, gaming developers, software engineers, network engineers candidates. SDETs are responsible for both software development and software testing. They ensure that the development process is testable, robust, and performant.

Amazon SDET Interview Questions and Answers

You need to prepare for the 2020 Amazon SDET Interview Questions if you are applying for a job related to SDET. The different job profiles mean that every interview is unique. In this section, you will find SDET Interview Questions and Answers, which will bolster your chances of succeeding in your interview.

Top SDET Interview Questions & Answers

Amazon SDET Interview Questions

1. What is ad-hoc testing and how it work?

Software testing is referred to as Ad-hoc Testing when it is performed without proper planning and documentation. The tests of this type are usually performed only once, unless the defects are discovered. After formal testing of an application is completed, ad hoc tests are performed.

2. What is difference between SDET and testing software manually?

In SDETs, we have highly skilled resources with development and testing skills, but in Manual Testing, we test Software manually. In order to ensure that an application behaves correctly, an applicant tester must act as a real-life user would.

3. What are alpha and beta testing?

Beta testing is a type of test that is conducted on software to identify bugs before the product is released to the public or to end users. Beta testing is done in a real-world environment using real users of the software application. User Acceptance Testing includes beta testing.

4. What is risk-based testing?

When software is to be put into production, risk-based testing organizes testing efforts to reduce residual levels of risk. For tests analysis, designing, estimation, execution, and reporting, this strategy can be used.

5. What is the meaning of code inspection?

Code inspection is the most formal type of review, which is a kind of static testing to prevent the development of multiple defects at a later point. During code inspection, defects are found and any improvements in the process are also identified.

6. Name different categories available to make specific groups of variety test?

In order to create specific groups, there are a few different tests

  • Functional testing
  • Frontend or user interface testing
  • Performance testing
  • Integration testing
  • Load or user usability testing
  • Security testing

  • Data base testing

7. explain the difference between priority and severity?

The priority of defects determines the order in which they should be fixed. The severity of the defect relates to how much it affects the functionality. The priority of a defect determines the speed at which it must be repaired.

8. what are the elements of good bug report?

Bug reports should only describe a single problem and be clear, concise, and full of relevant information. It should include environment information and steps for reproducing the bug on the developer’s end. Developers are essentially stumbling in the dark without being able to reproduce the bug.

9.  Give a detailed explanation of the job responsibilities of a tester, software engineer or project manager?

These are some of the most common SDET interview questions. As an SDET tester, there are several responsibilities to take on in today’s IT industry.

  • Set up automation for testing on numerous platforms, such as the web or mobile.
  • Bug report management and handling.
  • Communicating effectively with the client and the developer.
  • Test cases are prepared and delivered.

10. If you do not have the proper documentation for testing, how will you overcome the challenges?

A request for a System Requirement Specification document that is not available will be rejected.

Whenever possible, SDETs should rely on the following references:

  • Several screenshots
  • Versions of the application from a previous time period.
  • Flowcharts

 11. How does quality assurance differ from quality control?

A quality control system represents the inspection aspect of quality management. While quality assurance refers to the way a process or product is carried out, quality control is concerned with whether it meets quality specifications.

12. what is exploratory test ?

In software testing, exploratory testing is often defined as the simultaneous learning, design, and execution of tests. By leveraging the tester’s expertise, it uncovers defects not easily detected by other tests.

13. what are the principles of software testing?

  • It appears that there are defects in the product
  • Testing can never be exhaustive
  • Testing in its early stages
  • Identifying clusters of defects
  • Paradox of pesticides
  • The context of testing determines the results
  • Fallacy of non-error

14) What is configuration management?

An attribute of a product’s configuration is consistent throughout its entire lifecycle with configuration management. It is a computer technology management process for tracking the individual configuration items of an IT system.

15. what indifference between test case and test script?

Any software application/product can be tested with test cases. A test case steps through each feature to find any bugs. A test script is an application written to test any functionality of software.  This is a set of procedures that is used by software testers to test certain functions of software products.

16. what is Fuzz testing?

Fuzzing in the world of cybersecurity is an automated method used to locate hackable software bugs by feeding inadvertent and incorrect data to a computer program in order to find coding errors and security holes

17. explain test plan?

A test plan is a comprehensive document that contains the testing strategy, objectives, schedule, estimation, deliverables, and resources needed to perform testing on a software product. Test plans help us to determine the level of effort needed to validate the quality of the application under test.

18. How do you determine which products are ready for shipping?

It is the upper management’s decision whether a product can be shipped once all bugs have been discovered, documented, and fixed. Although, it is the duty of SDET to ensure that management has all the information it needs for a correct decision.

19. One of the challenges software testers normally face is maintaining proper documentation for testing. What can be done then to overcome such a challenge?

This is a common scenario in which all the test cases do not have proper documentation, but the client still needs the solution.

Normally, testers are following some client-supplied mail where all requirements are properly described. In the event of screenshots of the application where these parts of changes are mentioned clearly, or some verbal or telephonic discussion with the client which is sufficient for understanding the exact functionality of the changes and testing them quickly and delivering them within the expected timeline.

20.  Describe the job’s responsibilities and responsibilities

  • Automated testing and frameworks are required for platforms such as mobile and web.
  • Maintain constant contact with the development team by creating and managing bug reports.
  • Engage clients in communication
  • The ability to create, setup, and manage test automation frameworks on your own is also required.

21. what is the meaning of code inspection?

In order to prevent the accumulation of defects in the future, Code Inspection is one of the best kinds of reviews. Code is usually examined by a group of people with a defined set of roles.

22. what is difference between code walkthrough and code inspection?

It is best to make walkthroughs of code a guideline and inspections of code a standard. A code walkthrough is highly encouraged and is conducted in an informal setting, whereas a code inspection is required and is conducted in a moderately formal setting.

23. How much expertise is expected from SDET?

A SDET needs to be an expert in assessing and mitigating business risks when testing software. During the software design process, the SDET should evaluate the software quality and should participate in checking it.

24.  How do you test text boxes without the ability to change their backgrounds?

If you don’t pass any data to the check, you can do the following:

  • Amount of text in the field
  • Characters minimum and maximum
  • Characters of note
  • Values in alphabetic order
  • Formatted text

25. what is test procedure?

An end-to-end situation, or something similar to that, is executed as part of the test procedure consisting of a set of test cases. Each test case will be executed in a specific order.

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