Difference between windows 7 professional vs ultimate

What is the difference between  windows 7 ultimate and windows 7 professional

Main differences are in following features:

  • Bitlocker
  • language setting

You CAN install one Language on Professional that is different from the original Language –but then you are stuck with it – you can’t switch back to the original. If you need to SWITCH languages then Ultimate is required.


Windows 7 Home Basic Edition

Normal home edition version does not support home network, network domain, automatic backup, Bitlocker, multi-language switch. You will certainly not have Windows 7 media center to watch TV.

BITLOCKER automatic backup feature and function, we do not often use, meaning not great.

Multi-language switching, or for developers who prefer foreign websites is a bit of influence, did not affect the average user.

Windows 7 Home Premium

Windows 7 Home Premium is more than the regular version have the Media Center TV function and create a home network capabilities, the home network feature is a bright spot, of course, has become a selling point for WINDOWS.

WINDOWS 7 Professional Edition

In addition to Windows 7 Professional Bitlocker function and multi-language switching function are not available. Bitlocker and multi-language switch are the new features introduced in WINDOWS 7. Business users can consider buying professional edition, after all, than the price of the flagship version cheaper by almost half.

Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Ultimate Edition is a fully functional version, is also the most expensive.

Additional information:

1. Theoretically Home Edition is Starter Edition and Premium Edition are not supported by the language switching.

2, OEM home edition serial number should be no distinction between the language, but the retail Home Edition License should distinguish the language.


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