How to view Facebook photo on web without the black border in a popup window

Few years ago Facebook has create a new view for displaying images and videos from Facebook albums and from time-line in pop out windows on same page with black background. Although it is nice way to explore images and videos but some people don’t like it. By default whenever you click any video and image of Facebook it will open it in pop-up windows as shown below:

facebook pop out window

If you want to see photos without being placed in floating windows with black border you can do this very easily.

  • Open the photo or video that you want to see without this pop-up windows, once it open simply reload the page (by pressing F5 on Windows or Command + R on Mac).
  • Similarly you can open images and videos in web page by holding Ctrl key + left Click or pressing right click on it and then click on “open in new windows”

photo FB web








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