What is Denial of Service attack?

What is Denial of Service attack?

Denial of Service attack

A Denial of Service is a type of attack to make services unavailable for an indefinite period of time of an user or an organization. It is mostly attacks against servers of a company, so they can be used and consulted.

The purpose of such attack is not to retrieve or alter data, but damages the reputation of companies with a web presence and possibly affects the performance if their activity is based on an information system. An example of Denial of Service, attack on a server computer designed to prevent him from fulfilling its function. The classic method is to bring down the server under a mass of malformed requests usually purposely to cause an abnormal response and paralyzing.

There are usually two types of denial of service:

  1. Denial of Service DDoS comprising overwhelm a machine queries, so it is no longer able to meet the actual queries.
  2. Denial of service vulnerability exploitation, of exploiting a flaw in the remote system to make it unusable.
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