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IELTS Vocabulary Quiz

The definition of Gullible is __________.
The meaning of Erudite is _______.
Hierarchy means ______.
Hierarchy means ______.
We should always try to be __________ of others people’s feeling.
What is the definition “Mentor”:
The meaning of mandatory is ________.
The meaning of maneuver is ________.
The meaning of maneuver is ________.
The meaning of Hiatus is ________.
The meaning of Enervate is ________.
The meaning of Amiable is ________ .
The meaning of Obtuse is ________.
The meaning of rife is ________.
The meaning of reciprocated is ________.
Introverted means:
Deceptive means:
Pessimistic meaning:
Incapacitated meaning:
Ratification meaning:

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