Best Laser Printer For Waterslide Decals -Crafting Wonders

Best Laser Printer For Waterslide Decals -Crafting Wonders

This article has everything you need to know about picking the best printer for making eye-catching Waterslide Decals designs. We cover different types of printers and discuss their print quality, durability, and affordability. 

Best Laser Printer For Waterslide Decals

Let’s dive into finding the perfect printer for creating awesome water decals. Whether you’re new to waterslide decal printing or a pro, this guide is filled with useful tips to boost your printing skills. 

But before you start, let me be clear: this post is all about laser printers. Even though inkjet printers work well for water decals, we’re focusing on laser printers for our topic: the Best Laser Printer For Waterslide Decals.

Get ready to discover the printers which are great for printing water decals! To level up your decal game, print your own designs. 

Best Practices for Printing Waterslides Decals From Laser Printer

Here are some top tips for printing waterslide decals from a laser printer for your model:

Choose Plain Paper Setting:

Select the plain paper setting on your printer instead of labels, glossy, or heavyweight settings. It will ensure a quicker sheet movement and reduce the chances of jamming. Thin model decal sheets work well on the “plain” setting without causing jams.

Use the Bypass Tray:

Feed the paper through the bypass tray rather than the drawers. This minimizes the time the sheet spends inside the printer, helping it move through faster.

Opt for “Face Up” Printing:

Set your printer to “face up” printing. This prevents the machine from flipping the paper and running it through additional rollers, significantly speeding up the printing process and reducing the risk of smudging.

Cool Down the Printer:

Turn off the printer and let it cool down completely before printing a decal sheet. Printing when the printer is too hot can lead to smudging or flaking. Giving it a break ensures better results.

Try Refrigerating the Decal Sheet:

If smudging persists, try putting the decal sheet in the fridge before printing. Cooling it down before printing may help address any heating-related issues.

Following these best practices, you can optimize your laser printer for printing high-quality waterslide decals for your models.

Best Color Laser Printer For Waterslide Decals

We picked out some printers that seem just right for waterslide decals. We checked their different features to see if they work well for water decals. Here’s our top list!

1. HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP 4301fdw Wireless Printer:

If you have a small business and office, HP LaserJet 4301fdw is a great Wireless Printer for waterslide decals. It can do many things in one machine, like printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. It’s perfect for small teams and creative projects like making cool decals.



Fast color printing

All-in-one functionality

Easy setup

Intelligent Wi-Fi

Mobile printing

Advanced security features.


Some users reported MAC Compatibility Problems

Misleading Toner Levels Reported By Few Customers

All-in-One Convenience:

This printer is like a superhero—it can print, scan, copy, and fax. You won’t need different machines for each job.

Super Fast Printing:

It’s speedy! Imagine printing colorful pages at a rate of 35 per minute. That’s great for when you’re hurrying to get things done.

Just Right for Small Teams:

Made for teams of around 10 people, this printer is about more than just getting a lot done. It also makes things look good, like professional documents and creative projects.

Easy to Set Up and Use:

Getting started is a breeze. The buttons are easy to figure out, and the setup is quick. No need to waste time figuring things out.

Print from Your Phone:

You can easily print from your phone or tablet without any wires. It’s really convenient, especially since we do so much on our phones these days.

Keeps Your Stuff Safe:

Security is a big deal. This printer has special features to keep your information safe. You can customize the settings to make sure everything is protected.

Smart Wi-Fi Connection:

It’s like having smart Wi-Fi that always looks for the best connection. This ensures your printer is always online and ready to print, which is great for a busy workplace.

But if we summarized the customer opinions about this printer, we found that some customers have problems like fuzzy prints, hard setup, costly toner, PIN issues for big groups, and limits for MAC users scanning to email. People wonder if toner levels are right and want HP to fix it.

In short, the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP 4301fdw is an awesome choice for small teams. It does a lot; it’s fast, easy to use, and even keeps your information safe. It’s the go-to printer for teams that want things done quickly and well.

2. Brother HL-L3230CDW Laser Color Printer

Are you searching for the best laser printer for your waterslide decal projects? Look no further than the Brother HL-L3230CDW Laser Color Printer. Let’s dive into its features and see if they meet the expectations.

Brother HL-L3230CDW Laser Printer



Fast printing

Wireless connectivity

Amazon Dash Replenishment

Versatile paper handling

Professional color prints.


Compatibility concerns with non-brand toners.

Key Features:

The Brother HL-L3230CDW is a standout choice, offering quality results with wireless and duplex printing. This printer is fast, printing up to 25 pages per minute, so you can get things done quickly and stay productive.

Affordability meets professional quality with rich, vivid color documents, making it perfect for creative projects like waterslide decals. The 250-sheet paper tray minimizes refills, accommodating letter or legal paper, while the manual feed slot handles various paper types.

Connectivity is a breeze with mobile device wireless printing, built-in wireless, Ethernet, Wi-Fi Direct, and USB interfaces. The printer is compatible with Brother Genuine Toner, ensuring optimal performance. Notably, Amazon Dash Replenishment enabled, automatically ordering more toner when low levels are low.

Testing Experience of Customers:

People who used this printer had issues with the battery in the cartridge running out. This makes them throw away cartridges that are still half full. Some also mentioned that the prints don’t look good, calibrations fail, and it doesn’t work well with non-brand toners.


While the Brother HL-L3230CDW Laser Color Printer boasts impressive features such as wireless printing, Amazon Dash Replenishment, and fast printing speeds, the negative reviews highlight potential drawbacks, particularly in terms of forced replacements, connectivity challenges, and compatibility issues. As with any purchase decision, weighing the pros and cons based on your specific needs and preferences is crucial.

3.HP Color LaserJet Pro M182nw Wireless All-in-One Laser Printer

Looking for a compact and budget-friendly all-in-one laser printer for waterslide decals? The HP Color LaserJet Pro M182nw might be the answer. Priced under $300, it’s one of the smallest and most affordable color laser AIOs. While lacking an automatic document feeder (ADF) and automatic two-sided printing, it compensates with strong features for low-volume tasks.

HP Color LaserJet Pro M182nw Wireless All-in-One Laser Printer



Fast Printing

Good Print quality

Small in design and lightweight.

Good mobile connectivity.



High cost per page.

Lean and Neat Design:

This printer, though compact, sacrifices both print speed and output quality. It’s good for home businesses or small offices, handling up to 30,000 pages monthly. However, no ADF and manual duplexing may limit productivity.

Connecting and Securing:

You can connect in different ways, like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB, and Wireless Direct for mobile devices. Mobile features like Mopria, HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint, and the HP Smart app offer versatile printing options. The app allows mobile printing without a network connection.

Respectable Speed for the Price:

Rated at 17 ppm for monochrome documents, it achieved 15.4 ppm in tests. While slightly slower than competitors, it maintains reasonable speed for light-duty tasks.

Terrific Output Quality:

The standout feature is impressive print quality. The text and graphics are sharp, with minimal flaws. It’s ideal for waterslide decals with excellent toner distribution and flawless details.

Fitting a Niche:

Designed for light-duty use, the M182nw is a cost-effective choice for occasional, high-quality printing. However, if productivity features like ADF and auto-duplexing are essential, consider alternatives like Canon’s MF634Cdw.

Consider the HP Color LaserJet Pro M182nw if you prioritize compactness, good output quality, and occasional high-quality prints for waterslide decals.

4. Xerox Phaser 6510/DN Color Printer

Are you looking for a color laser printer that blends speed, quality, and paper handling? The Xerox Phaser 6510/DN is your go-to choice, especially if you’re running a micro office or workgroup. This printer impresses with its balanced performance, that way we have included this in our top list.

Xerox Phaser 6510DN Color Printer



Fast printing.

Excellent paper handling for small offices.

Duplexer for two-sided printing.


Black and white LCD Display, which is not user-friendly.

Text quality is at the lower end.

Speed and Paper Handling:

The Phaser 6510/DN outpaces its predecessor, the Xerox Phaser 6500/N, with the addition of a print duplexer for two-sided printing. It prints super quickly, making 24 pages in just one minute, whether it’s black-and-white or color printing. The printer’s paper handling is well-suited for small offices, a Dual tray printer featuring a 250-sheet tray, a one-sheet manual feed, and a standard duplexer. For heavier-duty printing, an optional second 250-sheet tray is available.

Output Quality for Waterslide Decals:

While the output quality might not steal the show, it meets the demands of most business needs. Text quality is lower among color lasers but still sufficient for various applications. Graphics quality is standard, making it suitable for presentations and marketing materials. Photo quality on plain paper leans towards the high end of the color laser spectrum, making it versatile for different print jobs.

Setup and Size:

The Phaser 6510/DN follows the typical size of color laser printers, measuring 16.4 by 15.9 by 16.8 inches and weighing 40 pounds. The setup is straightforward, and the printer connects easily to a wired network. The surprising element lies in its speed, clocking at 5.4 ppm for two-sided printing in our tests.


With a winning combination of speed, output quality, and paper handling, the Xerox Phaser 6510/DN stands out as an Editors’ Choice for color laser printers. Its versatility makes it an ideal candidate for various office printing needs, balancing performance and affordability.

5. Canon Office MAXIFY MB2120 Printer

The Canon MAXIFY MB2120, part of the Maxify printer family, maintains a familiar design with a 250-sheet paper cassette. However, it lacks a multipurpose tray, offering only half the input capacity of the MB5420 model. The absence of a second paper cassette may impact heavy-duty printing needs.

Canon Pixma TS6320 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer



Consistent and good output quality.

USB thumb drive support.

Mobile device and cloud connectivity.


Non-touch LCD.

Single paper input source.

Print Speed:

Rated at 6 seconds for the first page out and 19 ppm, the MB2120 performs reasonably well in light-duty scenarios. It exceeds Canon’s first-page-out time during our tests, clocking at 8 seconds, and prints at a speed of 20 ppm for lightly formatted text documents. However, as complexity increases with formatting, color, graphics, and images, the speed may slightly decrease, dropping to 7.8 ppm.


With dimensions of 10.3 by 18.3 by 18.1 inches and 23.2 pounds, the MB2120 matches the footprint of other Maxify AIO printers. It features a 50-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF) but lacks an auto-duplexing ADF, which is available in higher-tier models.

The printer makes really good prints, especially for text and business graphics—they look like they were done with a laser. Photo quality is sufficient for business applications but not the primary focus.

LCD Display:

Unlike its counterpart, the MB2120 sports a 2.5-inch non-touch LCD instead of a 3-inch touch screen. While it may lack some of the more advanced controls, it still provides navigation and status-monitoring functionality.

Connectivity and Mobile Printing:

Connectivity options include Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB, though direct USB connection limits certain cloud and mobile features. The Canon Print Business app and Maxify Printing Solutions facilitate mobile connectivity, compensating for the absence of peer-to-peer protocols like Wi-Fi Direct or NFC.

Output Quality:

The MB2120 stands out for its good quality prints, providing text that looks like it came from a laser printer, and solid business graphics. While its photos work well for business needs, they are better than what you’d get from a specialized photo printer.


The Canon MAXIFY MB2120 is a solid choice for light-duty printing needs, offering reliable output quality and essential features. However, the marginal cost difference with the MB2720, which includes a second paper cassette, makes the latter a more appealing option for most users.

Unless specific constraints make the MB2120 a better fit, the additional features of the MB2720 are worth considering for a slightly higher investment.

6. Canon Pixma TS6320 Printer:

The Canon PIXMA TS6320 BK impresses with a family-friendly design, easy operation, and a space-saving compact structure ideal for living rooms or home offices. Notably, it features two separate paper trays for plain and photo paper, offering convenience. Its cool look and easy-to-use features make it a great choice for different things families might want.

Canon Office Products MAXIFY MB2120 Wireless Printer



Compact and user-friendly design.

Affordable color printing

Super fast and fantastic photo quality 


Can’t print on small 2″ x 3″ photo paper.

Photo Printing Performance:

A standout feature of the TS6320 is its exceptional photo printing capability. Delivering high-quality photos quickly, it stands out in its price range. The printer supports glossy photo paper and accommodates various photo paper formats. While color accuracy is decent for personal use, the affordability of color cartridges contributes to a consistently low cost-per-print for photo-related tasks.

Versatility for Family Needs:

The TS6320 caters well to diverse family printing requirements. It is well-suited for casual use at home, handling various tasks efficiently. However, its document printing speed is relatively slow, making it less ideal for last-minute report printing. Despite this, the printer’s overall performance remains commendable and versatile for family-oriented printing needs.

In contrast, there are better fits for home or small office settings than the TS6320. The page yield is limited while cost-per-print is low, especially for an inkjet printer. Additionally, the printer lacks Ethernet connectivity, limiting its compatibility with company routers.

Comparison with Other Printers:

The TS6320 shines with fantastic photo printing among printers with a similar price. Yet, it’s not the best for office tasks due to low black page yield and no sheetfed scanner. But this will not have any effect on waterslide decal printing. A comparison with models like the Canon PIXMA TS8220 and TS8320 highlights nuances in features, cost-per-print, and connectivity options.




The Canon PIXMA TS6320 is an excellent choice for family printing needs, delivering high-quality photos with cost-effective color printing. This printer is great for home use because of its design and features, making it a trustworthy choice for different tasks.

 While not the fastest for document printing, its overall performance positions it well as a dependable printer for family-oriented users. Consider this printer for its exceptional photo capabilities, especially if your printing needs align with family-oriented tasks.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print waterslide decals with a laser printer?

Yes, you can print waterslide decals with a laser printer. Laser printers are commonly used for printing waterslide decals, especially in professional and crafting environments. The heat-based toner in laser printing adheres well to the waterslide decal paper, creating vibrant and detailed prints. Using waterslide decal paper specifically designed for laser printers is important to ensure optimal results.

Is inkjet or laser better for waterslide decals?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Inkjet printers are great for making detailed and photo-like prints on waterslide decal paper. They’re perfect if you want intricate designs with lots of details. On the flip side, laser printers are faster and might be more cost-effective if you’re printing a bunch. You can use either, but it boils down to what print quality, speed, and budget you’re aiming for.

Do you need a special printer to make waterslide decals?

While you don’t necessarily need a special printer, choosing the right type is crucial for optimal results when making waterslide decals. Inkjet printers are recommended for waterslide decals because of their colour quality. Both inkjet and laser printers can be used, but selecting decal paper compatible with the chosen printer technology is essential. Specialized waterslide decal paper designed for either inkjet or laser printers is readily available and ensures that the printing process works smoothly, providing the best adhesion and color quality.

Are laserjet prints waterproof?

Laserjet prints are generally more water-resistant compared to inkjet prints. The toner used in laser printers is a powder that fuses to the paper through heat. This results in prints that are less likely to smudge or run when exposed to moisture. While laser prints may not be completely waterproof, they offer better water resistance than inkjet prints. If waterproofing is a critical requirement, additional protective coatings or laminating the prints can be considered for both inkjet and laser prints to enhance durability against water exposure.


When seeking the best laser printer for waterslide decals, the Brother HL-L3230CDW and the HP LaserJet Pro 4301fdw emerge as strong contenders. The Brother HL-L3230CDW impresses with its quality results, wireless printing capabilities, and versatile paper handling, making it an ideal choice for professional-grade printing tasks. 

On the other hand, the HP LaserJet Pro 4301fdw stands out with its fast printing speed, excellent output quality, and strong mobile connectivity options. Both printers offer reliable performance and features suitable for creating vibrant and detailed waterslide decals. 

The decision between them may depend on specific preferences, such as brand loyalty or specific functionalities, but either choice is poised to meet the demands of creating high-quality decals with efficiency and precision.

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