Finally Grouped Notifications introduced by Apple iOS 12

Finally Grouped Notifications introduced by Apple iOS 12

Apple IOS 12 Grouped Notifications

The unconceivable has done by apple IOS 12 and now you have the grouped notifications on IOS device. In IOS 12 you can see all the notifications from different apps in a group and you can scroll down each group for getting the detail of each notification. In android, you already have this feature and this is new for Apple users.

As people are using the number of app on their telephones more and more and got concerned increasingly with apps, receiving notifications from all types of resources. Apple’s mobile OS has maintained on presentation notifications in a never ending stream of notification that was not come together by app and looked like one large mess, specifically for users who get a large number of notifications like hundreds of notifications every day. For such user, this feature is very cool and useful.

So imagine the loud reaction while Apple introduced that – eventually! – it’s bringing grouped notifications to iOS 12.

IOS 12 Grouped Notifications by Apple

And sure, grouped notifications in IOS-12 appears lovely and coll, and that is a welcome big leap forward for the platform. You can tap on a collection of notifications to increase them and you can without difficulty discard all of the notifications from a group in the familiar swipe and faucet way. Additionally, you get a finer and smooth control over notifications as you could pick out a few apps to deliver quiet notifications that bypass the lock screen, in case you don’t need to be.

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