Gns3 Supported Routers IOS list Devices can be used on GNS

Gns3 Supported Routers IOS list Devices can be used on GNS

Gns3 Supported Routers IOS Image list

In this article you will find the Cisco supported IOS list for the most famous network simulator/emulator that is Gns3. There are many different router IOS which are supported by the GNS3. Gns3 support different router images directly, some of them are need to be uncompressed before using it in gns3 while for some devices you are required the virtual machines of those images like IOU. You can also emulate the juniper router and IOU image using their VM images in gns3. Even you can run the Cisco XR images with gns3 that work with virtualBox, VMware and with KVM.

There are some Cisco 15.x IOS images which are support by gns3 as well. But currently 15.x images are only supported by the Cisco 7200 series in GNS3. List of compatible images from 7200 series is as under:

  • c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.152-4.M7 IOS image
  • c7200-ik9o3s-mz.124-25d
  • c7200-adventerprisek9-mz.151-4.M
  • c7200-ik9o3s-mz.124-25d

Gns3 Supported Routers IOS

Following are the short list of devices those can be emulate with GNS3:

Cisco IOS image 1700 Series Supported by Gns3

Cisco 1700 series some Ethernet interfaces and two slots for WICs or serial interface

  • 1710 have only Fast-Ethernet and Ethernet ports
  • 1721 or 1750 have a Fast-Ethernet and two WIC slots with maximum two Ethernet ports and four serial.
  • 1760 only one Fast-Ethernet fixed port two WIC card supported

Cisco 2600 Series IOS Supported by Gns3

Following 2600 series IOS are supported by GNS3:

  • Cisco 2610 image
  • 2611 IOS
  • Cisco IOS 2620
  • Cisco 2610XM IOS image
  • Ciaco 2620XM & 2650XM
  • Cisco 2621XM ios and 2651XM image


With the XM series like Cisco 2610XM, 2620XM, 2650XM, 2621XM and 2651XM IOS images you can use two Fast-Ethernet interfaces i.e. CISCO2600-MB-2FE, one NM slots with max four Ethernet interfaces or 16 ports Fast-Ethernet

Cisco IOS 3600 Series Supported by Gns3

Here are some 3600 ios that can be used with gns3:

  • Cisco 3620 IOS
  • Cisco 3640 image
  • 3660

With Cisco 3600 series IOS you can use 32 Fast-Ethernet or 24 serial interfaces (NM slots) and two Fast-Ethernet fixed interfaces.

Cisco 3700 Series Supported by Gns3

With cisco 3700 series IOS you can use two FastEthernet port on the motherboard, three sub slots for WICs and maximum 4 NM slots (one NM can have 16 FE ports). Following are famous IOS list:


Use Cisco PIX firewalls in GNS3

You can use Cisco PIX with special version of Qemu called PEMU.

Cisco ASA firewalls

You can also simulate or emulate cisco ASA firewall on GNS3. For more detail click on link.

Cisco IDS sensors

You can also use Qemu GNS3 emulates an IDS 4235/4215 Sensor. The software IPS is known to run with release 6.0.

Juniper routers on Gns3

There are some VM available through which you can use juniper router on GNS3.

Hosts or virtual PC on GNS3

You can use virtual host with other cisco devices in following ways:

  • Qemu host
  • VirtualBox VM
  • Linux Tinycore
  • you can connect your physical machine with gns3 using gns3 cloud

I hope this article is informative and helpful for you. You can add or share your though regarding supported device by gns3 here in comments. Thank you for reading this.. ! 🙂

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