Local Area Network Quiz / LAN Topology test


This Quiz is About LAN, you are asked for some local area network concepts:


LAN Quiz

A LAN is a computer network that connects computers within a ____________ (choose two)
A device that connects different computers om LAN.
Normally cables those can be used in LAN are __________ (Choose Two)
Topologies that can be used within LAN are __________ (Choose three).
______________ is by far the most commonly used LAN technology.
Designated port is a ____ port for every LAN segment.
LANs offer computer users many advantages, including:
which Technology is used for collision detect in Local Area Network:
In token networks , a special network frame called a __________is passed around the network from device to device.
A 100-Mbps Ethernet segment is capable of transmitting __________ of data, but only 100 Mbps can travel in one direction at a time.
Local area network data transmissions fall into three types:
In a ____________, a single packet is sent from the source to a destination on a network.
A _________ consists of a single packet that is copied and sent to all nodes on the network.
A ____________ is a LAN architecture that consists of a series of computer connected to each others by one direction ;transmission links to form a single closed loop.
A _________is a physical layer device used to connect the media segments of an extended network.

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