When to use RIP why use Routing information protocol?

When to use RIP why use Routing information protocol?

RIP Features..!

Routing information protocol is most commonly deployed routing protocols, most of the operating windows, Linux and novel system use RIP. Routing information protocol is normally suitable for small office, medium office, branch office environment and flat networks. RIP is an interior routing protocol and used in inter-domain environment.  RIP have following three versions:

1.       RIPv1 (version 1)

2.       RIPv2 (version 2, VLMS and authentication support)

3.       RIP NG (new generation, support IPV6)


This article is related RIP design and we will study the features of RIP. Following are the important features of RIP those can be consider while choosing RIP for your network.

  •  RIP is distance vector routing protocol.
  • Administrative distance for RIP is 120 that is most highest among other dynamic routing protocols. Administrative distance represents how much a route is trusted, routing protocols with higher administrative distance are less trust among others. Support if a router has multiple paths to same destination, then router will prefer route with lowest administrative distance.       
  • Supports classless routing but RIPv2 also support VLSM’s
  • Subnet mask is included in route entry.
  • RIP use the Hop count for metric or choosing best path, path will less hop to a destination will be preferred in RIP.
  •  RIP is suitable for small network and it support only 15 hop count and a route at 16 hops will be unreachable and inaccessible.
  •  RIP send its routing updates every 30 seconds to multicast address
  •  RIP supports authentication
  • RIP carry 25 routes in its routing updates and if you use authentication then 24 routes per RIP message.
  • RIP Uses UDP port 520.
  • RIP provides different mechanism  for avoiding loops in networks, these methods are split horizon, poison reverse and

So if you have a small network then you can use the RIP, it’s easy to configure and easy to manage. RIPv2 also appears at the edge of larger inter-networks.



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